Huawei brings audiophile tech to the masses with the FreeBuds Pro 2

Today Huawei announced its next generation flagship true wireless earbuds – the FreeBuds Pro 2. The company is focusing on pure audio quality and performance, borrowing audiophile-grade tech in order to offer a wide frequency range and high fidelity listening experience.

The Sound

The FreeBuds Pro 2 are using unique dual driver technology, featuring two different drivers – a planar diaphragm driver that you normally see in high-end audiophile gear, and a more conventional, quad magnet dynamic driver. Both work together to deliver a very wide frequency range of 14Hz-48KHz.

The planar driver takes care of high frequencies while the dynamic one is in charge of medium and low frequencies. Huawei has teamed up with French audio experts from Devialet to fine-tune this intriguing setup for the optimal acoustic performance.Alongside this pure hardware innovation there’s a new Triple Adaptive EQ onboard. This technology scans your ear canal repeatedly to offer the best possible acoustics, tailored to your ear geometry. This adaptive tech can also account for any change in posture while listening, earbuds moving around in your ear, etc.

The Noise

The FreeBuds Pro 2 earbuds feature active noise canceling technology (Dynamic ANC 2.0) that Huawei labels as “industry leading.” The triple mic system boosts the ANC (active noise canceling) level by 15% compared to the previous model, and there’s also a neural network involved.

Huawei’s Deep Neural Network uses special algorithms to discern human voices and suppress noises in the other parts of the sound specter, resulting in better voice call quality. Furthermore, there’s another noise-canceling feature onboard that uses four mics together to detect wind noise, filter it or switch to another mic, less affected by wind.

The Codecs

As far as high resolution audio is concerned, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 earbuds support the LDAC protocol, offering up to 990kbit/s bandwidth. Of course, in order to make use of it, you’ll need a source that also supports this format (all phones with Android 8 or higher).

The FreeBuds Pro 2 model also supports multipoint Bluetooth connection with seamless switching between two connected devices.

The Battery

Huawei has managed to shrink the size of the new FreeBuds Pro 2 and also shed some weight off, compared to the previous version but this doesn’t come at the cost of battery life. With all the bells and whistles turned on, you can get up to 4 hours playback time and a total of 18 hours with the case. If you disable ANC, the numbers are 6.5 hours of listening and a total of 30 hours with the case.

The Extras

There are some additional extras worth mentioning – such as the IP54 water splash resistance, and the reverse charging capabilities.

The Price

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 will be available in the UK from 6th July (RRP: £169.99) from the Huawei Store and selected retailers, including Amazon, AO and Very.


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