I Am a Muslim With Christian Blood and Jewish Heart But When I Sleep I’m Non Religious – Imam of peace Says to Nigerians

I am a Muslim with Christian blood

Imam Tawhidi, popularly known as Imam of peace has this evening finally answered the question asked by some Nigerians over his religious affiliation, stating that he was a Muslim with a Christian blood and a Jewish heart.

Recall, that the Imam of Peace went viral a few months ago on Twitter, for calling out President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, making certain scathing remarks about him, such as stating that he was allegedly one of the sponsors of terrorism and therefore asking him to resign.

Despite his blooming popularity, the real identity of the said Imam of Peace had been somewhat clandestine, as some people stated that he was not a real Imam, while others vouched for him.

However, earlier yesterday’s evening, following a question asked by a fan of his on his Twitter page regarding his religion, the Imam has replied thus:

I’m a Muslim with Christian blood and a Jewish heart, it pumps Hinduism to my Buddhist mind and generates a Sikh vision. I breathe Zoroastrian and think Bahai. When I sleep I’m non-religious, and when I wake up… I’m human. Thank you.

He tweeted.

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