I Am So Happy All Churches Are Closed and I Pray They Don’t Reopen Again – Man Says

I am so happy Churches are Closed

According to a recent post online, A man has shown his happiness due to the Lockdown that caused closure of Churches.

In his word, He said;

Let me first give a disclaimer. I love the body of Christ. I love Jesus Christ even more. I am giving this message out of the love for the former.

Africa has become a breeding ground for charismatic churches. Most of these churches headed by African pastors.

Now, out of the infestation of these charismatic churches there are two types of churches that exist. The real and the phony. The phony are stations for money laundering. Homeground for bizarre ‘acts of faith’ such as drinking toxins and eating grass. The phony churches rely on the offering money from their blindly loyal congregants. It’s this offerring money that will not be coming in during this season, at least not the way it used to.

I am glad at the prospect of these phony churches drying up and fading away. I’m so happy that churches are closed. May this time weed out the phony and leave only the real churches standing. May Christians use this time to strengthen their personal relationships with God. May Christians recieve the revelation that God’s Word is enough. The real miracles are in God’s Word. Believe it. Study it. Meditate on it.

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