I Can Never Convert to Islam If I Wasn’t a Muslim From Birth – Lady Reveals

Ladies are mostly considered as very linear when it comes to religion, they hardly comment, they prefer to concentrate on others things but this time, a Twitter users surprised many.

A popular Twitter writer with ‘Twitter name’ FAREED has lamented the way at which many Muslims that doesn’t understand the religion very well are tarnishing the image of the holy religion. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

According to Fareed, such a bad attitudes been portrayed by many Muslims can not in anyway convince one that is not Muslim to convert to Islam, “Muslims don’t live as prescribed by their religion and action speaks volume ” according to Fareed.

Well, Not only Islam all the religions are peaceful, they are preaching unity and and tranquility in our society, they are preaching that we should love our brothers, neighbors etc. Its we the follower that compromises the whole thing and we are going nowhere with such a bad attitude, May the Almighty give us ability to come back to the right track.

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