I Caught My Mum and Dad Making Love And I Did This to Them

Caught making love

Dad and Mum has been a couple that has managed to remain happily and s*xually active on a regular basis even with two kids into there marriage. Naturally it has happened from time to time. Keeping the passion alive isn’t too much of a challenge for them, but they have little children running around the house. Chances are you’re going to get walked in on. And that was what happened.

My dad and his wife were going at it that day. No safety precautions in the shape of conveniently places pillows or blankets draped over their naked shapes. Mum was butt-naked on her back on the mattress they placed on the floor to avoid the bed making noises, and dad was at the top doing his thing.

They were sweating, They were panting. When I bagged in with the aim of coming to pick something in the room. When I caught them in the act, I asked:

“Mum, Dad, what are you doing?”

My mum was mortified as she struggled for words. Dad motioned her to be quiet, and without skipping a beat, he said:

“We’re making a baby.”

Then I asked, “Can it be a sister?”

“Sure, it’ll be a sister.” Dad said.

To God be the glory, nine months later mum gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

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