I Caught My Wife Sleeping With the Man She Claims to Be Her Boss and She Said This

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A married man reveals he caught his wife sleeping with a man she claims to be her boss and his wife told him being in bed is part of the job.

He said his wife was always coming home late from work so he asked her why is she always late from work and she told him she works overtime but that was not the truth because he said he asked one of her co-workers and he told him they don’t work overnight.

He said one day his wife came home around 8pm and told him she is going back to work because she have some work to complete he said he followed her until he realized that his wife was not going to work but rather entering into her boss house he said he asked himself what his wife was doing in her boss house by this time of the night so he looked through the window and saw his wife in bed with her boss.

He said he entered the room and caught his wife, And when he asked her what she was doing she told him it is part of the job.

What do you think about this? Kindly drop your comments advising the husband on what to do.


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