I Cheated On My Husband With His Brother Because He Didn’t Give Me What I Wanted

My name is Sophia and I intentionally cheated on my husband cause I’m fed up of the way he treated me. He was the one that caused it.

Whenever I try to get close to my husband he begins to tell me stories like, I am tired let make it tomorrow I don’t know why he is doing that. I was tired of my husband telling me he is tired so I find a solution for it, so I decided to cheat on him with his brother who stays with us. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

He looks very good, I told him what his brother is putting me through. I asked him to help me, he accepted my offer now he gives me what I want anytime and anywhere.

I did all this because my husband was ignoring me and I can’t stay with someone like that so his brother helped me and I know what I did was right.

But my husband caught as and he have decided to leave me but I am not going anywhere because it wasn’t my fault but rather his. I hope what I am doing is right?

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  1. Olugbami adetunji sunday
    Olugbami adetunji sunday

    It’s bad no matter what it’s a taboo(incest)and it can affect your child and you of course

  2. Misango David Luyombya
    Misango David Luyombya

    So now you are satisfied.

  3. Misango David Luyombya
    Misango David Luyombya

    So now you are satisfied. Sindiyo

  4. That’s the danger in waiting until the wedding night before you know yourself sexually. If you have been relating sexually you ought to have known his sexual ability. The blame is equally between two of you

  5. Emmanuel Akinwande
    Emmanuel Akinwande

    What you are doing is wrong, repent now ask God for forgiveness. Promise your husband a change, he will forgive you.
    Help him in his area of weakness. Be the strength that he needs now.
    Stop seeing his brother whether he likes it or not. It is a taboo. You can determine your sins but you cannot determine the consequences.
    My God will help you divinely and see you through in Jesus name.
    Don’t bring curses upon yourself and your children please. I beg you.

  6. Udoffa nsikak Sunday
    Udoffa nsikak Sunday

    So you are satisfied now? You have the gods to come out and tell the world that what you did was right, shame on you. you better repent before it is too late.

  7. My friend is in the same position,her wife can’t sastify him with sex, advice

  8. Please rent ur own apartment cux u can’t continue to work as a slave haba u have ur life to live.

  9. You did right thing which kind of a lion stays with a goon in the same palace

  10. Bondet Muhammed Kaplilia
    Bondet Muhammed Kaplilia

    Enjoy your sex

  11. My sister what you did was very wrong even if you wanna do shit you shouldn’t choose your husbands brother you could have atleast go to somewhere far away rather than doing such nonsense with your husbands brother its not making any senses its better you apologize to your Husband and ask God for forgiveness of sin so that you won’t bring curse upon yourself and your generations

  12. Repent now GOD ALMIGHTY is ready to forgive you if u are ready please don’t bring causes upon children May GOD Almighty deliver u in JESUS Name amen

  13. What you did is very wrong
    You have to apologize to your husband and ask for the forgiveness of God sndvslso forsake it

  14. Very simple, since you’re addicted to your husband brother, go with him and make it a public thing, some of us give judge without asking ourself, if I’m in her shoe, can I manage this situation, how can a someone who call himself a bold man and choose what he doesn’t need or want, one thing is clear here, sex is natural thing, no one can ever shit nature, please free this man and go for who can servicing you very well, may God help you in the journey of life

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