I Cried On My Wedding Day Because Of What I Found Out

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Crying lady on wedding gown

A lady known as Ajoke from Ondo State, Nigeria contacted us that she needs advice and she doesn’t know what to do with her husband. Below is what she said;

Hello, Olexhome, I need your advice cause I’m in big trouble now.

Even as I type now, I’m still crying. I dated my husband for one year and six months before we go married. Though it was a long distance relationship, but we visit each other regularly.

My husband had a very nice apartment and drives a beautiful car. So I knew he was okay financially and highly comfortable. We decide to get married and I was to relocate to his own station, so that we can live as husband and wife.

To my greastest surprise, on our wedding night, my husband took me to a different house. It was a small self contain that could barely contain even the gifts we got at the wedding. Then my husband told me he was sorry, that he decived me because he loves me and did not want to lose me. He said the apartment I use to come to and the car were all borrowed from the friend. I almost fainted hearing all these. Till now I am not myself and I have being crying. I don’t think I can cope because even my own apartment is better than this rat hole.

Please what do you advice I do, cause I can’t live like this.

Regards, Ajoke.

What advice do you have for this lady? she is in serious trouble right now. please drop your comments below and tell her what she should do.

Note: Picture above is for Illustration.


Written by Olexhome

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