“I Dated a Man Who Would Disappear At Midnight, He was 67 Years And I was 28”

A woman shared her dark secret on a Facebook page, she stated that she was told never to reveal what she saw on that scary night.

She says she met the 67 years old man, a very rich man holding a ministerial position in the government. I was openly in the relationship for money, and he didn’t mind. He used to pamper me and spend 1000s on me.

Until on our first night. He was spending the night at my place. It was ok, until i wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and i saw him wearing a black and red cloth on his waist, he tip toed to the window, and disappeared on the curtain!

In shock, i decided to slowly get back to back. I couldn’t move for hours. In my heart i kept praying for my safety, worried about what if he noticed that i had woken up.

After hours i saw him return, through the curtain again. He went to the bathroom and came back to bed, and he asked “are you sleeping?” I kept silent.

I woke up before him and went to my sitting room, he found me there trembling and simply told me that i will keep what i saw as a secret or i will die. He left money on my bed and disappeared!

I haven’t seen this man ever again.
So be careful who you date. See the full story below;

Do you think he might still come back? kindly drop your suggestions below.

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