I Decided to Pay Back My Best Friend Who Has Been Sleeping With My Wife By Sleeping With His Daughter

I sleep with my best friend's daughter

A 35 year old man has revealed the drama going on between him, his wife and his best friend.

According to the man, In December, he found out that his 45 year old Best Friend has been sleeping with his 25 years old wife. He felt bitter about it and has ever since he found out, his attitude towards his wife has changed, but has been acting normal towards his best friend.

He decided to pay his best friend back by sleeping and eventually impregnating his 19year old daughter who is in the University.

Here is his story below;

I’m a 35 years old man. I discovered that my long time best friend was dating my wife. I have all the evidence. She is 25 years old. We got married and had a white wedding last year in April. My best friend is 45 years.

I don’t want to lie guys this broke my heart. I trust my friend and took him as my own brother. When I found out I decided not to ask them. Instead I made a decision to act as if I don’t know anything. I wanted to revenge.

My feeling towards my wife changed. I just started acting up and I no longer treat her as I did before. With my friend I am pretending as if all is well. For my revenge I decided to Look for my friends daughter who happens to be a student in one of the Universities close by to my residence. She is 19 years old.

I approached her with the intent of dating her. After a while of trying, I succeeded in having her as my friend and now we have been dating. I’m so happy because I actually succeeded. The best part is I have been sleeping with her with no protection. We recently discovered she is now pregnant The issues now is she has fallen in love with me to the extent of saying she wants me to marry her. As for me I don’t have a problem with that.

As it is I’m waiting for the day they will discover that she is pregnant and we exchange. I’ll take his daughter and he takes my wife.

What do you think about this issue? Who do you think is at fault? Is it a good thing as this man took revenge on his friend’s daughter?

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