I Deliberately Infected Over 600 African Women With HIV Virus So That They Can Spread It to Their Fellow Black Men – White Man Reveals

HIV is a deadly disease almost every human being never wish for but a white young guy who ufortuNately had the decease has consciously infected some women with the virus.

He is said to have infected over 600 African women with the virus. The man who is Jason Pope by name is said to have bragged about the number of Black women he has been able to sleep with in a decade now.

Close source says Jayson deliberately targeted African women so that they can also spread the virus to their fellow black men.

He post pictures of these black women he sleeps with randomly on social media.

The American authorities have arrested Pope few days ago after they shockingly discovered he had intentionally infected over 600 women with this virus.

Below are some pictures he uploaded on social media;

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  1. He will be paid back by the creator .

    • It should not be so. And l believe he is not pure or a right white man, because the pure white people think of good things all the time. It means he is from the devil. I just love the white people for the ability to help and save all types of human kind. The white people are not evil. Rather good.

      • So it is true that Lucifer is White!!
        So it is true that Lucifer is White!!

        Why do Whites generally feel threatened by blacks.Are these guys natural born cowards!

  2. Pain will never stop in such a person and he’s so far the useless, heartless white on earth not knowing it can get back to him and his relatives instead of turning to God asking for forgiveness.

  3. It’s being childish and lucking knowledge the fact that Africans believe that white men are cleaver than blacks.he should know that africans move and visit other countries .He doesn,t know that this can easily go back to his home country and infect his own people.

  4. Odera Uche Obimdike
    Odera Uche Obimdike

    You slept with prostitutes and women of easy virtues hoping to further the devilish agenda you hatched. Anyway let me shock you HIV-AIDS has no potency and virulence in the body of an African man or woman ravaged by poverty. Just like covid-19 your wicked intentions is already dead in water. You will after all reap what you have sowed. Good luck.

  5. That’s what whitemen have always done. Always spread disease and destruction to black people. 600women take alot of money. Who was sponsoring him? How many did he pregnant? And how did he comfirm they were infected?

  6. Abaryabangi vicent
    Abaryabangi vicent

    God is so good to Africans, u may die alone and think that you are killing Africans , foolish devil mind, May God forgive you

  7. The devil incarnate in another form

  8. So after infecting them, have you cured from aids?”gubwa”

  9. Hiv does nothing with African who believes in God.isiah 41:13 God says, “for I,the lord your God,hold your right ;it is I who say to you,”fear not, I will help you.” he/she will die when God call for their souls.

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