I Divorced My Wife During Our Honeymoon Because She Looks Different Without Make Up – Husband Laments

Make Up has cause more harm than good to some ladies, and yet they have not learnt their lessons. Making up is good, but what causes problems is when you makes an obvious up that your man can’t even recognise you again.

It is very obvious that the man has never meet his wife, without makeup, because if he has ever seen her before, the whole problems will not have happened.

The man said that after his marriage with her, they started their Honey and he keeps wondering why she baths very early in the morning.

Sometimes he was moved to ask the woman, why can’t you even allow us bath together? At list so that we can share our love.

That was when I started smelling something Fishy, the following morning I became awake before her and pretends to be sleeping.

So she wake up as usually to go and bath, I just kept quite, so after her bathing, before she could come back to wear her make up, I was already, sitting on the bed, instead of sleeping.

This is her really face making me to believe she is such an ugly girl. So she became very shocked, I had to look at a her face, and I saw her real face. That was when I noticed the type of woman that I married.

So I asked her to leave my house I can’t leave with a pretender in my house. She is a beast.
Why can’t she present her self the way she is. Women please always present your self the way you are, a man who loves you will surly come for you.

And this is her painted face, Women why this fake lives. I have told her to leave my house, and am still angry, Should I go to her family to tell them to refund me all that I spent in that marriage?

Please give me suggestion to tackle the issue. If you are in my shoes what would you do? Kindly drop your advice by commenting below.

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