I Fell In Love With Him On Facebook And He Forced Me to Sleep With Him

This is a story of a young girl shared on social media, She is 24 years and currently in 300 level in the University. She needs your advice. Here is her story below;

My name is Blessing, 24 years old and I’m a student studying Medicine at the University, I’m 300 level student. A guy added me on Facebook, I checked his profile, it was a real profile and he is really handsome, I really love cute guys.

We started chatting and after some times I started falling in love with him from Facebook, I couldn’t believe it. According to what he told me, he stays in Enugu state, Nigeria. And one day, he asked if we can see, the question I’ve been waiting for since I fell for him. I gladly accepted before he sent me 35 thousand naira for transportation and I thought to myself “He must be rich”, I just hit a jackpot. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

The day finally came, on getting to Enugu, I met him, I wasn’t disappointed because he was really handsome and has huge muscles with neat beards, the sight of this sent vibration into my veins but I managed to control myself. He took his time to show me around and I had a lot of fun.

Getting home to our hotel room, he brought an expensive alcoholic wine, I tried to resist it but he said it was to celebrate our coming together.

After drinking it, I felt dizzy and decided to sleep asking him to join me on bed not to sleep on the sofa, he accepted. After sometimes he started touching me slowly, I enjoyed it but I tried to refuse it because I thought it was wrong to sleep with him on the first day. He continued and forced me down and made love with me without my permission.

I was really sad and angry, I shouted at him why would he do such a thing to me and he got angry saying he spent close to 100,000 Naira on me and I’m refusing to do it that I must be stupid and wicked. I got angry and left.

After some weeks he started calling and texting me that he was sorry and wants to meet me again that he’s been thinking of me and he’s in love with me that I should meet him again. He already sent me 40 thousand naira for transportation.

I need your advice on what to do because I still love him and i can’t stop thinking about him everyday also.

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  1. What do u want us to say now when d did has been done,see am not sure u are studying medicine in school,it seems u are in love with d guy.To me is u dat can caution urself .

  2. You be correct AKWUNA… You asked a guy to join you in bed to sleep and you’re saying you don’t want to sleep with him…😲😯😲😯😳.. you’re already sleeping with him by being on same bed for the night..mugu.. receive sense

  3. My dear go back and finish what u started, jus go he wants to fuck you again

  4. A medical student having time to visit a guy, you must be joking.

  5. Do you think you can go to a man and come back freely without anything that was then not now. Men nowdays like sex and they believe that no love without sex women believe that it is wrong to visit a man for the first time and asking for sex but man doesn’t think like that. If you still love the guy follow her he had already done it

  6. you have already received his own penis b4,then what else, is for you to go back for the second round of fucking you dear

  7. It baffles me how you young girls of today throws caution to the wind, upon all you’ve and see happens to your fellow young girls via Facebook, how most of your fellow young girls were killed and used for rituals, yet you girls mumuriously keep hooking up and keep appointment with strangers you don’t know.

    Now, tell me, in all honesty, have ever seen and know that young man since Adam, except on Facebook? Do your parent, siblings or any relation know him except you? You see, he’s a total stranger to you, you’re here talking rubbish I love him and can’t stop thinking about him, can you imagine and hear yourself? A total stranger you don’t even know before except on Facebook, you don’t know if he’s a spirit or human being, or what he does for a living whether armed robber, kidnapper or ritualist, only that you love his physic. Are you aware know
    My daughter, he can throw money on you to get and even make you comfortable, he can decide to eliminate you the next minuet? If he kills you nobody in family will know and he can escape.

    Young girl, look at you becoming a ritual sacrifice, run for your dear life.

  8. U are the highest fool ,because of penis u travel from we’re ever to fork ,shame on u.

  9. Am not sure u re a student. Medicine student for dat matter. Gud luck, u really lyk d sex. Continue with d fucking coz it seems u can last more dan hours with ur cute guy.

  10. When the price is high you have to think twice,he might be luring you with money and look but be aware that you may be used then be dumped valueless ,on the other hand it can distract your cause for long.achieve what you want in future and remember the hit and run now day.do the right thing at the right time and place.let God lead your way and avoid such relationships.thanks for being transparent , good night sis

  11. Young gal, this man will use then dump you. This is pure lust he exhibits, he’s using financial muscle to lure you into a trap, then dumb you,as simple as that!

  12. I wonder why you need advice when you are already decided. Didn’t you say you love him and can’t stop thinking about him? Your foolishness will one day get the better of you and finish you.

  13. Run for your life dear. Concentrate on your studies please πŸ™

  14. What a sinful world we are! You’re into fornication and yet you still have the boldness to share it on social media, you better repent before judgement of God fall upon you. Matt:11:28-30.

  15. You take this guy’s money, go to a hotel room with him and INVITE him into bed with you. Now you’re complainig that he forced himself on you?
    I’m sorry to say this, and I don’t know of any nicer way to put it, but you’re an idiot. Are you sure you’re a medical student?
    If what you’ve written is the truth and you go back to see him, expect something much worse to happen to you.

  16. Your mumu is highly recognized by many of us …and the issues of u been a medical student is out of line, or let me say is bounch of lies .a medical student can’t behave such a way u did they used their no 6 to rethink from the outside the box..so stop the pretending just continue were you stop and u all see the results at last when the done is done ferfectly.πŸ‘Œ They don’t need to tell the fool he is a fool becouse that was his name already.

  17. Fear God. Receive Jesus as your saviour and hate sin. Control your feelings

  18. It is all lust and money.

  19. You have to continue since you have started it already, no pain no gain. And moreover the guy have seen and taking your pride already so he has nothing to loose though matter what he spent on you.
    So I suggest you continue with your relationship if at all you still love him.

  20. Medical student or money student? 100%used and nothing much a gay can loose whether u go back or not. So advise your hole whether it wants more digging or shut up and continue with your education.little brains

  21. Go collect another fuck na. πŸ˜‚.u don chop money first and seconds u come dey tell us.if d fuck no sweet u u no go collect d second money .abeg gettat go meet ur bobo. no come here come dey disturb us

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