I Gave a Mad Woman Food In My Area and She Warned Me to Stay Away From Friends After Collecting the Food

A man has just shared an experience he had during the lockdown and how he met a new friend, a slightly mentally challenged woman who just came from nowhere and house herself beside a shop close to his gate.

The man identified as Emmanuel disclosed that the mentally challenged woman who should be in her late 20s after conversation with her she gave her name as Elizabeth.

He described the woman as a happy person because she do put on a smile every time and she speaks good English as well but she looks so rough and sometimes she might be wild but he revealed she haven’t shown her wild side yet.

Revealing he had an encounter with her, Emmanuel said he decided to cook a yam porridge on Saturday. Emmanuel in his words said; TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

”I decided that when I’m done cooking I will make sure she have her own take away.”

“Immediately I finished cooking I packaged her food and went to give her. When I get to her I called her and stretched the food to her after collecting the fod, I turned back so that I will go and eat my food also. She called me back and warned me to stay away from friends because I might be harmed by them if I don’t stay careful.”

He revealed he was so shocked and don’t know what to do at the moment, All he said was thank you to her and he also revealed he prayed about it after telling his mom and pastor.

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