I Gave a Mad Woman Money, She Rejected It and Told Me to Always Keep My Plans to Myself

Wonders shall never end as a mentally challenged woman gave a life saving warning to a man simply identified as Michael.

Michael shared his experience on twitter. According to what he said;

“I got the shock of my life after a mentally challenged woman who just came from no where and housed herself in an uncompleted building in my street”

A friend came visiting and i saw her off to the junction where she would get a bus going to Yaba. On our way going, I saw this mad woman shaking her head while staring at me, then I made up my mind to give her some money on my way back home. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Immediately I handed the money over to her, she rejected it, then called me back, told me to learn how to keep my plans to myself or else there will be trouble. As I told her thank you she repeated the same word that “I should beware of friends and never reveal any of my plans to my friends, I was shocked as she still rejected the money i gave her for the second time.

In return, I told her thank you so much.

What do you have to say about this? Could what this mentally challenged woman said be true or she’s just saying what she likes?

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  1. Pls ooo my Owen giveaway

  2. You’re one kind related to her one way or another. Read about Element, where all of us originated from. Cool!
    She’s warning you as she is a victim, to enable you not to foukd yourself in the same shoe she is. Beware of the Warning!
    Keeps up to it.🪳

  3. Found*

  4. She’s telling u d truth cuz hv experienced such

  5. God have way of revealing things to his chosen people, at times we do not believe the words of human, we only believed the words of prophet

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