I Gave Birth to a Black Baby Because My Husband Always Chat With a Black Woman – White Lady Says

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This article is about what happened in a Spanish hospital last Monday when a white woman was giving birth with her husband present in the delivery room. The labour was going smoothly until the baby appeared, causing great confusion.

First the medical team thought the baby was darker because of a respiratory failure but when the whole body came out they realized the baby was a healthy little black boy.

The exhausted mother opened her arms to receive her newborn son and when she had it on her chest, she immediately yelled at her husband: “You bastard, I knew you were cheating me! Look what you’ve done, go away!”

The mother started to cry so she automatically won the argument and the husband just stood speechless in this unexpected situation.

The medical team had to respect the woman’s desire so they invited the man to leave while struggling to hold their laughs.

Two days later the father gave an interview,“I tried to talk to her but she always starts crying and I don’t want to hurt a crying woman.
I’ll have to accept the accusations.”

The woman’s point of view, “Doctors say this is impossible but I saw him chatting with a black woman.”


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