I Gave My Body to Robbers In Exchange Of My Husband’s Life But He’s Now Seeking Divorce

The day this particular incidence occur is the worst day of my life, oh I wish I had listen to the man of God who approached me when I was coming back from work yesterday evening, I left my place of around 6pm, i was rushing on my way home because I need to go and prepare meal for my husband who lost his job because of Coronavirus related issue.

I was so in haste that my movement is equal to jogging because the man I gave my all to is an ulcer patient so extreme hunger is not his friend.

As I approach our house, I hear someone say “may God be with you”, so I replied “you too” and it was a man in white dresses and blue waist rope, he look like prophet of celestial church or that of cherubum and sheraphim so I waited to hear what he wanted to say. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

He said “woe be onto the person that is not sent but deliver in the name of lord and woe to the messages that refuses to deliver the message”,

he continued, “God of host told me to tell you not to stay in your husbands house to night, I know it will be hard for you to do that but big danger lies beneath, do not stay in your husband’s house or with your husband tonight and you have to start fasting and prayer as a matter of urgency, it will be best if you can lodge in a hotel or go and sleep in any nearest church just for this particular night. His messager has delivered the message, peace be upon you” he concluded and leave.

I’m a good christian so I started the fasting immediately, I also make decision not to sleep in my husband’s house but a friends house, on the other hand, I cannot leave him in the dark without telling him what’s going on so I decided to enter our home and explain.

Immediately I enter and greet him, he was like baby I’m so hungry please prepare anything for me to eat. I rushed to the kitchen but there where no fast foods available at that moment, no noodles, no rice, no stew so I can prepare eba, we only have beans and yam, can you see how wicked the devil is?

I wouldn’t dare go to the market because of my time so I put the beans of fire, i quickly rush to our sitting room to explain what happened to him but he insist he must eat first before listening. before the beans where done it was already after 9pm.

I quickly serve him and as i was about to tell him I had a very hard knock on our door, my heart skipped, I was shivering from head to toe, my hubby who was innocent of what I was thinking, told me to please get the door, the person banged the door again so I rushed to open it and, thank God, it is one of our bachelor neighbor, he came to ask for maggi.

So as i was about to continue while my husband eats, I had a bigger bang on our door with a very rugged voice saying “open this door now or we will break in”.

My husband urinated on his body, this time I wasn’t shivering at all, I was vibrating, none of us could stand up because of the tension so they broke into our house, it was three hefty men in black dresses and black face mask with very dangerous ammunitions.

They command us to lie down which we obeyed, the leader of the group sit on our center table and continued to eat the food my man was eating.

They where nice guys, they joke with us, infact they told is they won’t hurt us but things changed when they ask how much we have, I explained that my husband is jobless and I have not been paid at work so the leader was really crossed, he then said he cannot risk his life on a deadly operation without taking anything, since we don’t have money or valuables they could cart away, he will kill my husband so that next time when he comes to life he will learn not to stay idle as a man.

I began to roll on the floor begging him to have mercy on me, but he refused, I kneeled down, roll on floor, beg him with God’s name, his mother’s name, his father’s name, our President’s name, our country’s name but all to no avail.

He stood up, cork his AK47 riffles, and said good bye jobless man.

Right before he shot, I jump in from of my dear, I beg him to take anything else but leave my husband, what he saw I don’t know but he decided to have me as an exchange for my husband’s life. It was as if someone slapped my brain, i shouted no way.

I can’t see pity and feelings of betrayal on my man’s face, tears rush down his cheeks, he sighted heavily, he cry like a new born baby, he was crying and shaking his head at the same time so I made the worst decision of my life, I said yes.

The armed robbers took their turns, have what they wanted and they where fateful so they left without killing anyone.

I look at my husband, he was full of appreciation that night even though he didn’t speak a word. The next morning, his lawyer came visiting, he deliver a letter where my husband was seeking for divorce with a claim that I promised not to see another man till death do us part. I was muted for hours, I don’t know what to say.

What I did was in his favor, I did it to save his life but he is hunting mine, my husband is the best thing that ever happens to me so protecting him with myself shouldn’t be a big deal.

He is adamant of his decision even after sending numbers of friends and well wishers to plead with him, he gave me an ultimatum to sign the letter in three days, I’m big trouble, I don’t know what to do.

Few questions have been running through my mind but where to get the answers I don’t know.

1. Was I wrong?

2. Was he right?

3. Is divorce the best option?

4. What will you do in you are in my shoe?

5. What will you do if you were I’m his shoe?

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  1. What the guy did is not right after saving you, he would have insist for them to take his life then, why put her through such then asking for divorce.

    • Since the woman yielded under Durex as to save her husband life armed robbers .The husband can’t be justified in his divorce action. It’s totally wrong.

    • James Kizito-Mayanja
      James Kizito-Mayanja

      What the lady did was wrong in spite of what she was going through and the love she had for her husband. The husband is foolish, inconsiderate and illogical. He saw everything and the conditions which had been set by the robbers. Would the lady have let the husband be shot in her eyes? Definitely not. So in conclusion, I can say that the man was wrong and unforgiving. The lady had nothing to do. She was in the middle of a rock and hard stone.

  2. The man decision was not right at the first place, it was not intentional on her part, consideration would be best for the two of them. Love supercede other things, she sacrificed for her husband’s life so it’s being expected of the husband to sacrifice his own part.

  3. There’s an answer pray to Lord God for blessings ,already God gave you a revelation of life before the accident a prophet in the name of Lord God to forthtell tell you so you are blessed my sister, all Christians are tempted

  4. That’s temptation by God keep kneeling and pray to him. AMEN

    • That guy is not right and we must understand sametimes because as this woman explain she shows that she was care much about the man than self and u woman God is with u if this man never change his mind pliz leave God will do something about this coz he told u but u couldnt listen about it

  5. This is what you have to do, pray, sign the divorce letter, seek God’s interfentions, and forget him have jesus alone

  6. That man is not a man.
    I won’t allow such to happen to my wife. I won’t let anyone put her body on the line to save my life because I am a Christian and the bible says I should follow Christ example who gave his life for the Church and not the other way round. However, since it happened this way, the woman will be naive to think the man can love relate with her as before, no, it can’t happen.
    Ha! Another man having sex with a wife. Not even one person. It can’t be the same. For me, if I chose to stay with the woman, for conscience sake, there can’t be sex between us forever

    • And you are accusing some one of not being a man. With this comment now, are you a man?

    • What if you put your life on the line and they still rape her afterward?
      U can only praise God when you are alive
      Ones you have gone.. nothing else

    • Contradicting yourself by yourself

    • Hahaha what you are saying is not good ooo , for someone that safe your life and if she refuse that moment they will kill you, but because of love , she put herself down for your life, after you are planning for divorce, hunnn remember there’s nothing will bring to this life and we can’t go with anything.

  7. Mdm, sign the paper and I take you to be my wife provided you don’t born for Man who can’t forgive. It could be he set up for the happenings. Come over to Uyo, Akwa Ibom

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      You sound serious but it’s funny

    • What a temptation.i don’t pray for this to happen to me. God love that woman so much. Let me tell you if this woman can sacrifice and take such risk for her husband to live, i don’t see any reason why that man can not even love her more. I understand how that man feels. But no it that God uses that woman to keep you living. Thanks

  8. The man is a wreck, he is talking rot because he did not die, am sorry for the good woman

    • I think that the man thought that it was planned deal, that hi
      I think that the man thought that it was planned deal, that hi

      My opinion is that the man thought that it was planned deal, that’s why the wife wanted to sleep outside their marital house. Then those who was waiting her became impatient that’s why they came in disguise to make it at home.

  9. So truly to your conscience you really expected that after armed robbers took turns to fuck you before your husband, he would still take you in abi? Instead of you to hold tight to your husband in a warm embrace and pray, “Father it be Thy will then grant us eternal rest in the bosom of Abraham and please forgive our sins and trespasses as humans that we are, in Jesus’ name”: close both your eyes watch God in action; you instead decided to open your legs and enjoyed sex with armed robbers in their turns. You did well! Second Jesus Christ for sacrificing your Toto, your husband’s most treasured, precious property. Congratulations!

  10. My own little and sincere pieces of advice is that this faithful woman and wife should insist his husband should kill himself before she signs the divorce document………. Any attempt not to kill himself means the relationship continues till death do you part……

  11. From your story , it clear that you love God and God loves you! You gave in to the devil by accepting the offer, the man in the white robe could have just appeared from nowhere to save both of you. On the part of your husband, I am very sorry that he has lost the only hope of his life. You have a more bright future, don’t blame yourself. He has just dug his grave, let Mr coward lassy man go his way.

  12. That your so call husband don’t love you. He is the very person who contacted that same people to come in to do that in order for him to get chance to devorce you. That is the hard Truth.
    I will advise you to just signed the letter and Park your things and leave his house. There is another chance waiting for you better than that your criminal husband you give your whole heart to. Do that fast for God to start his work in your life. Don’t waste time thinking about him at all.

  13. All this happened because you did not listen to the voice of God, so you need to go back to God afresh to visit your husband again, so that things will turn around for good,God alone is the solution to your problem now, I wish you God’s favour, good luck sister.

  14. My friend Christians do not save people by committing sin but by doing the right thing God send a prophet to advise you but you deside to follow your own now you a Piller of salt , now my dear daughter accept that letter and look for a good church to meet your GOD He will visit you again and this time around make sure you obey, if you have tender your self to die instead of your husband bolts of you could have been wonderfully saved, so next time listen to the voice of God Thank you

  15. My sister, ur story is really torching. It is unfortunately the prophecy come to pass in a clear language that u should understand. Now, the prophecy is might for u, not for ur husband, otherwise it would had mentioned the both of u. It could be that ur husband is playing game on ur intelligence by involving undisguised to be innocent, because of his present state of joblessness, soso he is been so jealous, so to stop the marriage is to pplay that game. I belief those robbers are not robbers but his evil friends that helped him to have the mind to call for divorce, now there is a reason why he can divorce u. Well I advice u to go back to God and pray for his mercy and let him God give u a direction since he came warning u at first he can still visit u and show u a away out of this confusing state. Be strong and courageous in God words and fervent in prayers. God still answers the helpless soul. Jesus love u.

  16. My good Sister. Pls don’t worry yourself, just go to God in prayer, if eventually he continues with his plan of divorcing you. Don’t worry yourself. Just live the house for him. God must surly clean your tears. He will come back looking for you but by the time he will come back by the time he will come looking for you. It will be so late. You will not know the value of what you have untill you lose it.

  17. Madam you have finished your duty and the rest is left of God, don’t sign anything instead let him do whatever he wishes for i know he can’t kill you because you have saved his own life with your body

  18. Abraham in Genesis was tempted the same way,gave his beautiful Sara to a king to save their lives,,Isaac the same.. You didn’t gave your body intentionally… God is on your side.

  19. Please mma. I will advise you not to worry your self much, just go on your knees and ask God for forgiveness n pray for courage to accept his decision. Just believe that God will give you what is beyond what you have lost so never loose hope on God. He has the best plan for your life.

  20. Well you did not do anything wrong by given your body to them for your husband to live I advice you give sometime to get over the shock he will come around someday. If he wants you sign the divorce papers do sign it an wait upon the Lord to hear he has to say about your marriage. The Bible said that for such a temptation like this is common to man that God will give you way of escape have faith in him he is at the center of it all

  21. The deed is done
    If he insists on divorce then sign
    God may be saving you from future calamity
    Go and see a health care worker
    You need to PEP
    Screen for STIs

  22. Well you did not do anything wrong by given your body to them for your husband to live I advice you give him sometime to get over the shock he will come around someday. If he wants you sign the divorce papers do sign it an wait upon the Lord to hear he has to say about your marriage. The Bible said that for such a temptation like this is common to man that God will give you way of escape have faith in him he is at the center of it all

  23. Girl if I was in your shoes
    I will use hot groundnut oil and pour then that job that the robbers wanted to do first,I will help them and do it better

  24. Ogunseye Olaniran Adebayo
    Ogunseye Olaniran Adebayo

    Please madam take your fate,you have do the right things to save your husband life,As God we vindicate u and your husband we later realize his mistake and call u back home, don’t marry another husband increase your fate in Christ and pure out all your challenges to most high rent an apartment u can avoid with the strong faith in Christ that,with God everything is possible.U shall be Vindicated at end.Saving a life is just like a saving of city or county.

  25. My dear lady your husband is an ingrate and a fool for life, just go your way, start up a new life, console yourself, he will meet same thing again shortly and this time around the lady he will be with will deny him, he does not deserve yoyr true love and he never loved you for real. Go in peace

    • Is not funny if he reject you, he is then the biggest fool. GOD was trying to warn you. Those Armed men was arrange by your husband, they are is friend, that was why GOD ask you not to go home. GOD does not protect one person and leave the other. He was not innocent. He knew what was going to happened he was expecting them that’s why he kept avoiding your talk and send u to go open the door. GOD will judge him. If he reject u come to me 08067500932 GOD will fight for you

  26. Your husband has no job, he can’t even cook, and waits for u to come feed him like a baby, even when u wanted to explain, he said he will eat first, he masterminded d incident, sign d document and go close to God, He will give u peace

  27. You have just said it all. With the action of the Man, he kept another woman out side, looking a way to put this Innocent one out, he then planned all these. Even that prophet, he may be the person, brought by your husband, if not: what you are facing now was because of disobedience of that message, May God knew the plan your husband planned with the robbers, for you to be saved He sent the prophet.

    I can all so, said with the way this your husband acted , even if you slept out side on that day, he will still hold it as excuse.

    So before signing anything, go and tell you Pastor, let your husband People know about it, if after all these, he keeps on saying that you must sign, Don’t sign anything, just parked your things and go .

    But just wait for some time, he May come back for you. Thanks. May God guide you.

  28. It’s not easy as listening, let’s invite Lord God in this issue he will lead his way, since he said tray me and see if i can not do it then you will say am the Lord of lies, help us Lord

  29. This is just the plan of the man to divorce you. Just sign the paper and go your way and he will forever live in regret for the rest of his life. He is seeing another woman outside and has been looking for away to send you packing so he planned it to happen. Human being can be so selfish. Maybe the side chic has small change and he is loving her because of her change. Upon all your sacrifice of fending for him, he still want to divorce you. Just go and forget him. God will give you a better man.

  30. If you didn’t give in, they will surely collect it by force. So you just saved yourself from being rape roughly.

  31. Leave This man he will kill you he is a devil warshiper you saved his life GOD ALMIGHTY will reward you but you ignored GOD directive plez repent for that better remain alive than being harras by the person you saved his life very unfortunate for you thanks but that is not the end of your life Bless you thanks

    • Taking decision is the most dangerous thing in life , especially if is not a Godly decision,, Anyway what you are seeing is the other side of man,my advice for you from now pls don’t take the place of anybody no matter what happens, no matter the decision of your husband the Lord will see you through

  32. Both of you are right but the best that happened is that no life was lost so sign the divorce letter and life continues, cos even if you insist on the marriage you too may not be happy with marriage again feeling down when ever you remembered what had happened

  33. Devil is a liar pray even God knows how much u tried to save ur marriage!

  34. Devil is a lair pray , even God knows how much u tried to save your marriage

  35. I think you should leave him, but you shouldn’t sign his divorce papers because in it it says that you’re not allowed to be with someone else, that means you’ll be lonely all the rest of your life, or for the time he’ll be alive, so it’s better you get another divorce paper or tell him to get another one that doesn’t involve you not remarrying.

  36. If born a man, then plz stay a man!, In wc eva case, failure to keep promises, face justice as agreed!!!,, Yyy shd women continue having such simple hearts?? U shd b sucked!!!!!!?

  37. Continue praying for God’s inner voice dear sister then follow that voice after wards.God is on your side. Don’t lose hope.

  38. Stupid and ungrateful man, you sign for better for worse, the worse came and you saved him yet he didn’t see that, you should have allowed a bullet to enter his skull. My dear you are the causes of your predicament, God sent you a message, you should have followed instructions, God knows it will come to this he wanted to save you differently, king’s massage required urgency, you both fall into the trap. No man will see her wife been used by three man in his presence, that will forget that memory, it’s a wound that only God can heal. No how, the issue will be mentioned when you have misunderstanding. God will interpret your love you have for him into his heart and heal the untold wound. For me I can betrayed my wife for such emergency and necessary sacrifice. Nevertheless if you’re obedient it wouldn’t have happened.

  39. Madam the man can never take you d same again, God sees your heart, dont sign the letter but walk away

  40. Hmm may God help u okay
    This too shall pass
    Buh ur husband’s action is still shocking
    Eiiiiiiiiii May God help us all
    It is well my dear
    The Lord got your back okay

  41. Madam you have done no wrong by saving your loved one,as far as he insists on you signing the divorce bill…make the required arrangements..by consulting your pastor, your parents and his parents..but if he still insist…don’t kill yourself..just sign and leave… know Yee that…that God that spoke to you through his prophet will never leave you to suffer…but will give you the best… Shalom.

  42. The world we are leaving in is so crazy,Mr Man I advise you not to divorce,instead do medical checkup incase of any STI free then take life on,should there be STI like HIV then adhere to positive leaving with your life.she rescued you from death she was your saviour.

  43. The husband is just a wicked soul , left to me ,I can’t pay such back to winning woman of that caliber who pays d price s JESUS Christ did.
    Madam ,just take heart and pray for dearly love man bcoz good GOD knew the man wst ur husband.

    Me Wii Mary u if not mind.
    Bye for NOW

  44. D answer to q1 is critical,but d man chooses to divorce u bcos u paid for his life with ur body which is d only alternative for him to live it for God ask God for forgiveness n for his help .d man on his own part should b reasonable n thankful to God n to his wife.d wife didn’t do it intentionally.

  45. My dear sister just sign the divorce and you are to blame.Why? Because when you’re divorced you are going learn to obey the “SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS”as Adam failed to,and it’s written in the bible that Their is only one SAVIOUR for all mankind and this is JESUS CHRIST alone.The bible says God does never Change but man changes and this will be a lesson to you and to all of us to know this.When you got married your husband you vowed to say ONLY DEATH will apart you,now death comes to separate you so that the vow might be fulfilled then you take the position of the SAVIOUR to die for your husband, Now today your husband changes his mind so that the scripture might be fulfilled so GOD doesn’t change but man changes,, Please sign the divorce and continue obeying simple instructions.Thank you.

  46. In the first place, the woman delayed in heeding to the prophecy.
    Secondly, if I were to be she , I will sign the divorce papers but mind you the law of karma will catch up with the man. Just sign the papers, walk away to start a new life.

  47. This man planned everything cos he was jobless thinking his wife has money,so he sent those robbers to scare her, but since the wife couldn’t get the money,they were disappointed and it was a lesson to the man cos of giving them fake plans.so now he can’t handle the shame towards the three guys cos he knows them well,and they’ll be laughing at him.

  48. It may be the man wanted to divorce you long time and he used the robbers as a way out of the marriage. It’s painful but just leave him, forgive him and continue with your life, Allah is the best judge.


    My dear belove, God loves you, and gave you a better opsion, but you didnt understand, anyway you lacked understanding, our God is a merciful God. And will not cast you away forever. This midnight, pray, i will pray along with you, whatever he permit by tomorrow morning shall be your joy, confort, power, Grace to continue in God to enjoy ever lasting life.. Sister, i wont go beyound this. May jehovah restore his purpose for your life in him. In jesus name.

  50. Taking decision is the most dangerous thing in life , especially if is not a Godly decision,, Anyway what you are seeing is the other side of man,my advice for you from now pls don’t take the place of anybody no matter what happens, no matter the decision of your husband the Lord will see you through

  51. my sister you did what was best to be done. you saved a life. sign the papers and leave. you have got your parents home God of hope is a live. He will fight for you.

  52. Pastor Talabi Johnson
    Pastor Talabi Johnson

    Your husband should appreciate for all you have done to save His life first, He should know you don’t intensionally accept for the armed robbers, and no any reason for your
    husband to give you a divorced letter if he wouldn’t want the judgement of God to come upon him,he should beg his wife and come closer to her than before. Sister pray fervently, God is always beside you He will surely hear and answer your prayers.

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