I Got Drunk, He Took Me to His House, He Off My Cloth and Bath For Me But He Didn’t Touch Me – Lady Reveals
He took me to his house but didn't touch me

A beautiful Nigerian lady identified as Dr Atinuke, has narrated how one of her male friends, Ladi, took her to his crib, took care of her and didn’t touch her after she got extremely drunk. Atinuke took to Twitter to reveal the story, she wrote;

“I once went to a club with a guy I met through my cousin, I took 4 glasses of Long Island, i was wasted. Dude took to me to his house, removed my clothes and put me under shower. wakeup next morning in his boxer & shirt.

He didn’t touch me. I will forever respect Ladi. All men are not rapist”

Many Nigerians didn’t waste time to flood the tweet saying she’s still drunk when she was typing the tweet.

According to them, it’s impossible for a Nigerian man who goes to club to do such thing for a girl who is as beautiful as she is.

What do you have to say about this. Do you think this kind of man still exist or the girl was just lying? Share your thoughts below by using the comment box.

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