I Got Married to My Husband Because Of His Big Manh00d But I’m Now Scared Of It After Testing It

My name is Chidimma. I am from Onitsha a very popular city in Anambra state in Eastern Nigeria. I am 23 years old and currently married to a Hausa man from Adamawa state in Northern Nigeria. My parents are no more as they both died in an accident while returning Aba 5 years ago.

When my parents were alive, they always quarreled over my dad not being man enough to satisfy my mum and i always heard my mum threatening to divorce my dad and get married to another man before the unfortunate accident took them away. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

After my parents death, I told myself that I am going to get me married to a man with a manhood good enough to satisfy me so I won’t have the problems my parents had in their marriage.

I met Haruna, my husband during my service year in Adamawa and we fell in love with each other but I had no intention of getting married to him not until a day I mistakenly barged into his room without knocking and I saw him unclad.

I immediately noticed his third leg and told myself I am gonna get married to him just to keep the promise I made to myself years ago.

Myself and Haruna, promised ourselves not to have any form of intercourse before our marriage and we kept to it strictly.

After our wedding, during our honey moon we have our first intimacy together. It was good but I am scared because I almost lost my life during the encounter.

Please readers advice me on what to do. Should I take the divorce step my mum wanted years ago?

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  1. Chidimma u girls of Nigeria ur full of nonsense coz big dicks doesn’t satisfy u it hurts,u ask for it so let it be

    • The size of the dick does not matter. You need to discuss with your hubby on how key is to handle you. You already married and you can’t divorce him because that is what you went for. you need to build a family by communicating all your problems with your spouse and I think things will be ok. Don’t be discouraged allow God to also guide you.

      • Mohammed Musa mohammed
        Mohammed Musa mohammed

        It’s simple senarious discourse with hubby on how he handle you on bed strategy on how effective and easy youR passion on sex to be,wish you best in mareiage

  2. Don't mind her,she wants a big dick now she's running away from it.she must remain in that marriage for better for worse...
    Don't mind her,she wants a big dick now she's running away from it.she must remain in that marriage for better for worse...

    She must remain in that marriage for better for worse…

  3. Divorce ke, it’s for better or for worse o biko

  4. Michael chukwudubem
    Michael chukwudubem

    No now Neva this is a prayer well answered, who says God doesn’t answer since prayers, am happy for you but plz don’t you ever think of the act of divorce

  5. I don’t see this as a true life story.

  6. It is not your decision,it have been ordained from Adam that two of meant to be together, what you need is endurance, God will help you.

  7. It is not your fault neither is it your husband,if not you ,who will it be , when that Hausa people leak lots of sugar cane and drink different types of concortion

  8. Please, if it’s just the size of his manhood, then there won’t be need for divorce except if there’s something else you are not saying here. Please, remain in your marriage.

  9. My dear ,you’re lucky ,your mum wanted it and never got it throughout her life time ,here you are on a platter of gold
    Don’t worry ,with time the two of you will blend . After child birth your compatibility will align so allay your fears

  10. Na your choice. Every one has the ability to make a choice but you don’t have the right over the consequences.
    I.laf you

  11. Marriage is for better for worse & also for small cucumber or big.Just continue taking with faith.

  12. Nonsenses you sold your self because of manhood to uncircumcised philistine. And you are now complaining

  13. she is not serious GOD just answer her prayer now she is complaining.

  14. I celebrate you for that lucky choice, only discuss with your hubby how he should carry you along, b/cos with Time, you people will align especially when you get your first baby, so tell him to start doing it lovingly God give you a peaceful marriage.

  15. Like mother like daughter!


    Marriage is a life issue. You need communicate with your husband how to get wet before penetration to easy you of any pain you might got from it. With time after your first child you not experience the pain again.

  17. If your Man is truly the first in action, it will work well later, just bears it Biko

  18. In my opinion, there’s remedy to every issue. You both are married and you cannot seek for way out. Discuss with your husband the way you usually hot down there after intercourse. Eat more of some stuff that can make you get wet easily ,if not get a lubricant. If your husband can be patient enough with the help romance, your vagina will become so wet that it can accommodate his penis, just the same way cervix dilates when a woman is about to give birth. God hate divorce. God says what he has joined together, let no man including you that is involve separate. Endure and Just follow my advice, it will help you

  19. Why are we always jumping in to issue that are not real?
    This is Fiction as far as am concerned,how can she Pray for Big Dickkk,,she got it now talking about divorce??
    It’s not real but fictional
    Anyway,if it’s real let her discussed with her husband,it non of our business, except she has alternative

  20. My dear, there is no mountain that is too high to climb. You have already taken the first step. Why don’t you continue so you can receive the Crown? There are greater opportunisties ahead. For it is said, practice makes perfect. Your dreams have come to pass.

  21. First, cut is always the deepest with time you will get used to it especially after your first child, you will thank God for having a man with the big rod, all you need is patient

  22. Mind you, the man is not a Muslim ok?

  23. Don’t worry you will soon get used to it. God bless your marriage.

  24. Wow chidinma it’s alright I read your story if it’s true the best advice you need is to get a doctor or you see a lawyer that is the only people that can advice you your doctor and your lawyer cuz you can’t expect everyone to start giving you advice it’s your choice, is what you wish for and now you are regretting.

  25. I don’t understand you. Is the head of a baby not bigger than that of a D**k. Why the pretence. Prayer answered

  26. Akuabata akuluba ubasinachi
    Akuabata akuluba ubasinachi

    Chidinma you can’t just come here and stated that that your hubby manhood almost take your life, I think there must be sth you’re hiding from us here. . Deliberately open up for once jare

  27. A candid advice. So, youg lady keep your choice afloat and thank God for prayer answered.
    A candid advice. So, youg lady keep your choice afloat and thank God for prayer answered.

    A candid advice. So, youg lady, keep your choice afloat and thank God for prayer answered.

  28. Be patient with your husband. It is prayer well answer by God. Endure it for now, as time goes on you will get use to you husband manhood. Young lady, please enjoy your cucumber.

  29. Ogochukwu what are saying.are you saying she must remain there
    Ogochukwu what are saying.are you saying she must remain there

    My dear you dey fear big cock

  30. For better for worse, the got what want face it

  31. Dearest sister, no rushing. Start your action with romantic moves before graduating in to the real bussiness. I presumed that can ease the tension and everything will run smoothly and you will enjoy the game. Best of luck.

  32. You promise,to get married to man with a big and large manhood behold God has answered your prayers.pulling is not the best option, try all you could to educate your husband on the style you will choose to avoid too much of pain it could be missionary style or doggy which everyone you prefer.

  33. It is shameful that of all the qualities that a man can possess ,it is only size of his manhood that interest you.that shows how fickle minded you really are.you got married to an hausa man not minding his culture and religion bar ground.the whole men in igbo land none has big and long manhood.you have not told the reason why you got married to ha us a man.How many hausa girls,have event got married to big men none ,except those who converted to is lam if any .the jews were forbidden to marry uncircumcised philistines.isaac instructed jabob to marry from his own barground.how many hausa girls are married to igbo men?

  34. Enjoy yourself babe! However, you said, you guys fell in love and promised to avoid sex before marriage which was actually adhered to? Then simply discuss it with him as there are various ways of having enjoyable sex without hurts and while your talking and sexual experimentation are ongoing try to adjust your mind and feelings to enjoying your husband else it may lead you to infidelity sooner or later no matter how many kids you may have together so long as you’re always scared of having sex with him and don’t enjoy him but feel pain all through and may always desire him cumming quick so as to release you and which in due course both of you may never experience sexual satisfaction and would eventually lead to sexual frustration. A stitch in time serves nine.

  35. The woman (her mother) was irresponsible for making such a delicate marital challenge fall into her daughter’s ears. More so threatening to divorce, to the hearing of her daughter, because of her husband’s small manhood. We should bear in mind that our character and what we make our children hear can either make them or unmake them.

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