I Had Three Abortions For My Boyfriend and Now He Says He Don’t Want Me Again That It’s My Sister He Wants to Marry

My name is Omolabake, 28 years of age. I met my boyfriend Olayinka during my final year program at the University (Olabisi Onabanjo University), we met at the school library when I was sourcing for books to help with my project .

We went on different dates before we start dating. then, I was 23 years. We were both in love we share alot of plans most especially the way our future is going to look like, the numbers of children we going to have together

During those period of our dates I had 3 abortion for him all in the name of it’s not the right time to give birth or we should married, and I keep doing it for him because of the love I have for him. Olayinka later gain scholarship to go do his masters abroad, we were both happy and he promised me that when his back will be getting married I was full of joy. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

At home my parents has begin to asked me to bring husband that I am getting old, I then told them about Olayinka in which they accept to. Some months as pass, he called me all of a sudden and told me his not interested in the relationship anymore as he have met another girl there abroad who is also a Nigerian, that she is the one he wants to marry that I should not waste my time waiting for him coming back.

I wiped for couple of days, then I move on with my life. My junior sister who have been schooling abroad for the past 7 years call our parents that she has gotten pregnant and she is coming back home with her husband.

When the news get to me I was happy because it been years I last saw my sister and I was happy for her own luck. On the day of their arrival, dad and mom went to the airport to pick them up while I was at home preparing the food .

I was excited when I heard the horn of my father car at the gate, yes I will be seeing my sister, I rushed out to welcome her as she also rushed to give me a welcoming hug, we hugged ourselves for a long time before her husband dropped down from the car.

As she was about to introduce him that this my husband, immediately I shouted you Olayinka you are the one. He was ashamed of himself as he bow down his head in shock with my parent and sister in surprise that what’s going on here.

Now I do not know what I should do, should I informed them that is the Olayinka that I once told them about or I should just keep it to myself as a secret and let them continue marrying each other.

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