I Hate My Husband More Than Satan and I Wish He Dies Soon – Woman Cries Out
I hate my husband more than satan

A Nigerian woman known as Mrs. Josephine has said she wishes her husband passes on calling attention to that she hates him in excess of a fiend, lamenting why she wedded him.

Josephine who lives with the spouse at the Keffi region of Nasarawa state in Nigeria says she had to wed her better half by her mom in 1998 after she completed her auxiliary school training when she knows nothing.

“From the bottom of my heart, I abhor my significant other, I wish he kicks the bucket and leaves me, the loathe I have for him is more terrible than the one I have for the demon” 

Josephine, who connected with WAR through an email, said she needs a marriage expert for help, calling attention to that she is very nearly dumping ending it all since she can’t separate.

Josephine who didn’t unveil the name of her husband, when reached by WAR for a clarification, while affirming her stand said for more than 20 years, she has lived with a man she dislikes so much and has pray he kicks the bucket and leaves her with her children.

Josephine who has four kids which are are boys said she can’t forgive her mom for wedding her off to a man she hates that much. Inquired as to why she didn’t go for a separation, she said, she can’t leave her youngsters and her mom won’t bolster her for a separation.

She, be that as it may, stated, she has put forth all attempts to cherish her significant other, however the more she attempts the more the contempt develops.

“My husband is a pleasant man, yet I can’t bring despising and wishing him to an abrupt halt,”

Josephine said.

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