I Have Done More For Blacks Than Any U.S President In History In Just 3 Years – Donald Trump Cries Out

I've done more for blacks than any u.s president in history

George Floyd, a black man from the United States who was murdered in a gruesome manner by a white police officer on duty. The world is demanding justice. Human rights activists from different quarters of the world are asking for the perpetrator and other officers on duty to be brought to justice. No one seems to be comfortable with such cruel crime against humanity.

Donald Trump has made some uncomfortable tweets about the unfortunate incident . He has been criticized globally. Many have called him a racist due to his stance in the ugly development.

Trump in his subsequent tweets has tried to justify his stance in the event. He has boasted. He has trumpeted how he has always stood for the blacks and has always defended them more than any other president in history.

He has unraveled the breast of history and told the whole world what he has done for the black population of the United States of America. According to Trump, no past United States president has done half of what he has done for the black Americans for the past 3 and half years he has been in the office.

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