I Have Exposed the Man Who Raped Me and I’m Going to disgrace Him On June 20th, His Wedding Day – Lady Says

Rape victim

Lighthouse Beacon, A Facebook user, has narrated how the man who raped her 10 years ago is not willing to apologise and that his wedding is slated to hold on the 20th of June this 2020. She said she could not believe it when she saw the pre-wedding picture and invitation card of the man who raped her 10 years ago inside his hostel, after visiting him.

“Although, it doesn’t pain me anymore like before but I will always reveal the kind of person he is whenever I come across him or anyone that knows him.” she saidm

She made it known that the last time she came across someone who knows him, she claimed while they talked over the phone that he was still not showing any sign of been remorseful for what he did in 2010.

“I am no more hurt like before, but I carry it with me. It’s part of who I am, part of my story, and I will keep telling it whenever I feel like. Even on the picture of his obituary, I will tell it.” She said.

The woman narrating how it happened to the friend of the rapist made it known that, in 2010, she visited Femi in his hostel and he bought Smirnoff and a snack for her which was worth N600.

After that, he claimed Femi locked the door and told her that “today is today, they must do it today.” I begged him and removed N1000 from my purse, I have him to replace the money he spent buying the Smirnoff and chips for me but he refused to accept the money.

She made it known that she cried a lot for him not to do it, but he refused.

“On his wedding day, I will contact his wife” she said.

Another lady chatting with the victim claimed the same man tried to rape her, but she escaped after she hit his head with a wooden stick.

Men are urged not to always rape young ladies or women, as it is just five minutes enjoyment for them, but an everlasting sorrow for the victim.

Also, women are advised to desist from visiting men alone as, one can’t know his intention till he carries it out.

What do you have to say about this? Always stay at alert and always stay safe.

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