I Have Searched Everywhere On Earth But Can’t Find Any Matured Man to Marry – Beautiful Rich Female Pastor Cries Out

Pastor Lucy Natasha, the founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, says she is yet to find a man to marry. The pastor who is nicknamed Nairobi hottest pastor made it known In a live chat with comedian MC Jessy she is waiting for her “Adam”.

She said “My Adam is still asleep. I am waiting to be pulled from the rib of my Adam who us still sleeping. Eve was picked from the rib of Adam, I feel I’m still asleep in the rib of my Adam,”

Natasha added that her “Adam” doesn’t have to be a pastor like her but has to be a man who believes in God. “He has to be born again, must be a friend and we must have common values and goals. He doesn’t have to be a pastor.” TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

She added that the said Adam should be mature and not younger. Natasha also added that she wouldn’t mind marrying a broke man on condition that he was not lazy.

“I am not a golddigger, I am a gold carrier. Just like Queen Sheba went to meer King Solomon she carried her own gold. I look for a man who has vision, not lazy, a hard worker and has potential. Finances are not a major factor.

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  1. I believe in my ancestors but I will like to help you.

  2. I will be too ready to have you as a wife ,am an had working person ,I need not to blow my trumpet

  3. Solomon Mathew Ezekiel
    Solomon Mathew Ezekiel

    Is not about looking for your Adam is all about respect for who ever you love to me be faithful to each other , no lies no pretending and yours condition is acceptable if only you can stick to it , God bless us all.

  4. I need a wife materials as my future wife

  5. May ur desires be granted in no distance time, marriage is a tin of Honor as such ur life partner will soon be seen n welcome.

  6. “The great measure of a man is determined by the level of his commitment to excellent no matter what his choosing field”, I strongly believe with the way you portrayed, Psychologically and mentally you’ve matured enough to handle some challenges that may come up in marriage , that’s why you pronounced those requirements and choices that you uttered, and with the level of your spiritual growth , your intellegency and your internal ability which I Vividly Contained that will trigger you to choose wisely ‘”,Indeed’, maybe you may need us to further our discussion here’s my contact What’s app number +2348144077560 ,From the soul that cares, God will guide you more with his spiritual and infinite Mercy’s and you will never make a wrong choice

    • If you’re hunting a rabbit in the city of Lion you will have your eye pilled off a lion as big as it’s ,You know life is all about choice, You’re the one that will build the way you want to live your life, so whatever you think about yourself all the time mostly happen in most time,so it’s good to be positive all the time and it will polish our relationship with others, thanks for the urdience

  7. Don’t say the world lucks mature men its the class of men u prefer that turn out not to be mature adjust yo choice cretaria and yo characters as well u will meet the mature men u need

  8. My Name Is Serene Charis – Founder , Serene Charis Ministries World – Wide . I Am In Need Of Someone Like You .

  9. If you can’t find any matured man on earth then you are not yet matured for marriage. Go and look for one small boy to date (NO SEX) and get mature before going into marriage proper. Thank u

  10. I love the opportunity
    I love the opportunity

    Give me try , I am Christian , Born again

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