I Heard My Husband Telling His Mum That He Doesn’t Love Me, He Only Marry Me Cause Of My Father’s Wealth

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I grew up with the belief that marriage was about love and commitment. I never knew that it was just a mirage and that most people go into marriage with selfish interest until I overheard my husband telling his mom that he never loved me and that he married me because of what he stands to gain from it.

I know I am not one of the most attractive women on earth. I am very much aware of the flaws in my physical appearance but I didn’t create myself. I am the daughter and only child of my parents. My dad is a wealthy business tycoon and I was well taken care of. Despite all these, people still make remarks about my unattractive physique.

I can remember vividly how I have been turned down several times by both boys and girls in school because of my unattractive look. I thought as time goes by, people will begin to accept me for who I am and not what I have achieved. I guess I was wrong because even my so called husband didn’t hesitate to point out the flaw.

My husband, Solomon and I have been married for over a year. He hardly had time for me. At first, I thought it was because of his busy schedule but as months went by, I knew there was more to it than meet the eye. Despite my husband’s cold attitude towards me, I performed my duty as his wife diligently. The few times I could remember that my husband displayed affection towards me were when I make huge cash transfers into his account. I did this constantly just to make him happy and to show him how much I love him.

One fateful weekend, my husband’s mother came to see us. I was so excited at her visit and decided to get her some stuffs from the shopping mall. I informed her and my husband that I was going out and bid them goodbye, leaving my mother in law and her son in the house. I haven’t gone about twenty minutes before I realized I had forgotten my purse in my room and needed the money in it for shopping. So, I turned and headed back home to pick it up. I dashed in hurriedly into the living room and halfway through the corridor to my bedroom, I heard my husband and his mom talking. I paused and decided to eavesdrop on their conversation. It was in the process of eavesdropping that I heard my mother in law telling her son that she noticed my husband’s cold attitude towards me.

My husband replied his mother, “The reason is because I don’t love Tina. I don’t feel anything for her. I married her because of her father’s wealth. If anything happens to her father today, the wealth will be passed down to her and I will be the one to manage them”. The mom was shocked. I was demoralised by my husband’s thoughts and utterance about me.

How can a husband be so callous to his wife?
Why would he because of money marry me only to make life miserable for me? I love my husband and it is quite unfair for him to act so desperate.

What do you think I can do now? I need your advice before it’s too late.

Kindly drop your advice in the comment section below and share your own view about this issue.

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