I Killed Her Because She Allowed Me to Raise a Gateman’s Child – Man Confesses After Killing His Wife

I killed her cause she let my raise gateman's child

A man from Rivers State in Nigeria known as Nyesom John, has been arrested as he voluntarily reported himself to the police force yesterday for killing his wife due to an excuse termed flimsy.

The victim was found lying in cold blood with a knife stabbed to her head. She was still bleeding but before she could be rushed to the hospital by the neighbours, she unluckily gave up the ghost.

Nyesom’s excuse was that he found out that his alleged son of primary 1(6 years old), who he has spent so much on, was never his child. He said his wife made him believe that the boy was his, after many years.

He went ahead to say that his wife called him yesterday and said she wanted to make a confession. According to him, he said his wife said that she listened to a sermon by one of the Nigerian pastors online, who said that confession is the key to heaven and that all secrets will eventually be revealed.

According to him, his late wife revealed how he had an affair with a gateman at the compound they were previously living and she got pregnant for him in his absent years back. He said at first he thought it was the normal April fool pranks, only to see her start crying, He said he got angry and mistakenly stabbed her with his kitchen’s knife and now he is regretting because he only meant to hurt her not to kill her.

According to findings, Nyesom is the owner of 7 well stocked Boutiques located in the state. A rich young man is now having his future on a thin line of disaster. The police arrested him immediately, as he pleaded guilty for his crimes. His wife is survived by 3 children, according to reports two are Nyesom’s children while the first born is the gateman’s.

There have been a lot of reactions to this tragedy, as many do not even know who to blame. However Facebook comments have sided the deceased, as it was the right thing she did, confessing her deeds.

Many are of the opinion that the two other children may not even be Nyesom’s children. Who knows? Infidelity in marriages are becoming rampant, and it worsens when it has to do with the lady. Nevertheless, we pray her soul rests in peace.

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