I Lost My Dream Job Because My Surname Sounds Rude – African Lady Laments

Nigerian lady

We have seen cases of people bearing names we thought would be weird but turns out to be normal. Who would think one’s name or surname would make someone miss some opportunity in life. This is evidence in the case of a lady whose surname made her lose a job opportunity because they deemed it “rude”.

Lamenting through her Twitter page, she said she lost the job after the consultant called her and told her her surname sounds offensive and irritating so the job automatically did not belong to her. Another Twitter user made a comment advising ladies to be careful of the surname of the men they wanted to get married to so they would go through what the lady went through.

The name sounds alien in all fairness but that does not mean anything as the person is who you’re contracting, not the name or surname. Check out the name in the tweet below;

As you can see from the above image, the name is “Kondom”.

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