I Met a Handsome Guy In the Bank Today But I Was Disappointed After He Talked to Me  

I met a handsome guy in bank

Mhiz Queen Ada, A young lady, shared a very funny experience on how she was left disappointed by a cute guy she met at a bank who had mouth odour.

According to her, she said;

So I met this tall, handsome looking young man at the bank today as I went to withdraw my last 1k to fix my bushy hairs, I went to the ATM to withdraw the money because nobody was allowed to enter inside the Bank. O sighted this guy I started crushing on him instantly. He was like the most handsome guy I ever seen in my whole life, tall, huge and with kissable pink lips.

I was already wishing, hoping and praying in my mind for him to just notice my presence on the queue, I was acting funny to catch his attention all to no avail. Suddenly I saw him approaching towards my direction and my heartbeat increase instantly.

When he got close to me, he smiled gently and I smiled back like a Christmas goat. He open his mouth and said, “CAN YOU HELP ME TO WITHDRAW?, BECAUSE AM LATE TO WORN AND IS NOT YET MY TURN”.

I lost my mind, it was supposed to be a dream come true but after his words I lost consciousness, for more a minute without responding as I was still in shocked, he eventually hiss and left me. I was shocked not because he finally talked to me but damn! his mouth odour is out of this world.

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