I Packed and Left My Boyfriend’s House Because I’m Too Beautiful For Him

I’m a lady who once posted asking for advice, regarding my bf who never bothers to help me with transport fares when I visit since I am unemployed, I got advices here saying I should not make it about money therefore I stayed.

I’m now facing a huge problem, It was my birthday last week, this guy never bothered to make any nice arrangements for me. Mind you, I went all out on his birthday in January, Took him out, bought him presents.

His excuse now was that he can’t be with me due to Corona, My gut told me otherwise then I forced myself to go after my birthday.

During my presence there, he’d get calls from a woman whom he claims it’s a colleague, he’d go meet her outside the Estate since visitors aren’t allowed, they’d spend 3 to 4 hours chilling in the car, when I asked him he said they were exchanging study material with computer.

Fast forward she calls in the morning, afternoon, night, when I ask he says The lady wanted help since they work together. During the argument I asked him if this is the reason why he didn’t want me to come to his place, he said I’m strong headed, I don’t understand the Corona issue, and if he tests positive he’ll be quantined at his place,

I’ll be the one to move out, and if such thing happens it would be the end of us..I packed and I left. He says I’m unreasonable. Please help.

What advice do you have for this lady? Kindly say your mind by dropping your comments below.

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