I Planned to Spend the Night With My Boyfriend to Sleep With Him But I Ended Up In the Hospital

A lady shares her story on how she planned to spend the night with her boyfriend and later ended up in the hospital.

She wrote;

“I planned in my heart that tomorrow I will go to my boyfriend and enjoy the night with him, and as tomorrow came I started my journey to fulfill my intension and unfortunately I had a car accident and couldn’t made it to my boyfriend’s place.

Now my question is that, is it a sin or why is it that i was not able to do what I planned for?

If an individual seeks to answer the question of what a sin is and what is not a sin to satiate his actions and inactions then the individual is on the path of folly, self justification and self righteousness.

A man must understand that the conclusion of mans life is that he must fear the Lord and live in accordance to his commandments.

This is the onset of man’s wisdom, and deciding to steal and fornicate doesn’t define the working of divine wisdom in a man. perhaps by the wisdom of the divine to preserve the individual from engaging in those acts was what intercepted ..

Let’s grow beyond the satiating of our own righteousness and begin to live for a higher divine destiny. Let’s grow where our life in itself transmits the word to nation’s and to the entire creation.

With this mindset I believe we can live glorious life pleasing to God and shift from meddling in the little things that destroys the fabrics of our own morality and truthfulness. Thank you.

What’s your thoughts on this? is it a sin or not? Drop your comments below.

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