I Ran Away From Church Of Satan and Converted to Christian Because My Life’s Being Cadge For So Many Years – Ex Satanic Priest Reveals

The Former priest of church of satan, Cleric Simon kpeng has made it know to the world reason why he left church of Satan and converts to christanity.

He made this statement to the public when he was interrogates by the press on why he left the satanic church despites his strong position in the temple.

He said, “I give thanks to Almighty God for keeping my life from the bondages of devils after 5 years of membership. I was deceived by worldly affairs and magical power of Satanic church.”

“I ran away not because of what I was told to do, Not because what I earn and not because of my family but because of the world and my life being cadge for so many years.” He added.

He described Church of Satan as devoted group of skeptical atheists who celebrates Satan as a biblical devil as affirmed by majority of the world.

He beliefs the character of Satan can be changed and use to lightning the Christianity and combat the rigid suppression of human instincts that is corrupting influence against christianity in the world.

He calls for unity of christianity and urged the church of Satan to follow what Antoney laveg,The founder of satanic church said before his death and safe the world from darkness of devil.

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