I saw her washing her undies and I helped her, she is now my wife – Man Reveals

This is a true life story that happened to me some day in 2011 when I was still dating around with different set of ladies.

My name is Peter and I am a native of Uasin Gishu County. I want to share with you how I got the attention of my girlfriend now my wife.

I had struggled for over 2 years trying to chase her around but she was such a difficult person to hook up with. It reached a time when she even decided to move far away from our neighborhood. She simply relocated to a faraway city making it harder for me to get her.

I wanted by all means to really marry this lady but her style of playing hard to get was weird. She almost made me give up on her since I was spending money and my time looking for someone I was not sure if I will ever touch my fingers on.

I started to consider her being a very rude woman despite her beauty. So as a shy person I thought about how to woo her to my side through friends and family. I tried to get her attention through her younger brother whom we play ball together but all proved abortive. It never worked.

Seeing my desperation, my friends then challenged me to use black magic or something we call Kamuti in our language.

They told me how I could get one. They quickly linked me to a traditional doctor from Tanzania. I called and struck an appointment with the doctor. I traveled to his workshop and he did the necessary- few spell casting and handed me a kamuti which he told me to keep in my pocket whenever I am outdoor.

So one day when I heard that she had returned home, I walked to her house with all boldness I could gather. I had my kamuti intact in my left pocket and on getting there, I met her washing her undies and so I asked if I can help her wash some. She was so startled to hear me say such and she tested me by giving me the soap to wash. I collected the soap from her and washed her pant clean white; she couldn’t believe.

Since that day, she respected me and gave me her phone number so I can connect with her on WhatsApp for a chat. She said I am a husband ‘material’ and never believe I could come so low to wash her undies for her. We are almost marrying.

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