I Seized My Daughter’s Phone and What I Found Broke My Heart Cause She’s Just 14 Year Old – Man Cries Out

This should be a lesson to all parents and all guardians. It’s very important to monitor, and guard your children, so that they won’t be led astray. Kindly learn from my story.

I married my wife when I was 27, and she was 22. She gave birth to another beautiful clone of her two years, and her life eventually stopped at the process.

I was pained, because I couldn’t afford to lose my wife. However, I chose not to marry anymore, and I transferred all the love I have had for my wife to my daughter.

I was a businessman, and I was quite rich, so spoiling my daughter with money is not a problem. I sent her to most prestigious primary schools, and she attended a very popular secondary school. Suddenly, business started booming a lot that I no longer have time for my daughter, and this goes on for like two years.

However, I noticed my once lively daughter was getting secretive, and her grades were getting worse, so I decided to pay more attention on her.

Fortunately, I found she was always with her phone, so I seized it, and ordered to go to her study room. I continued doing this till something prompted me to check her photo gallery.

At first, I said many beautiful pictures of her, and her friends, but as I started scrolling more, the pictures that was pooping out broke my heart.

I saw pictures of her smoking, and taking heavy alcoholic drink, then I started crying. I couldn’t help, but ask for my wife forgiveness, it was all my fault.

Please create time for your children, and stay safe.

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