I Slept With a Beautiful Woman Last Week and This Happened to My Manh00d

I am a general manager in one of the companies in Industrial Area. Last month I replaced my secretary with a new one. I felt good for the first time because the old secretary was not beautiful. I started exchanging sweet words with her but at first she resisted, saying she is married.

After so much resistance, I promised her $500 if she agrees to sleep with me. She told me that she will think about it. The following morning she came and I asked her whether she had made up her mind. She told me I have to part with $1,000. Since she is beautiful and it’s rare to get such golden opportunities, I agreed to give her the money.

She told me she has to see the money in the bank. The following morning, before our offices were open, I went and transferred the cash. After she confirmed the balance, she said, “now you can do anything you want, I am now yours”.

I went to a hotel and booked a room. I told her to come over lunch time, I feared to carry her in my vehicle because people could easily tell there is something strange.

At exactly lunch time is when we made love, but what happened next is that I am trying to get help from my dear friends. Immediately we finished, mine literally slept until these hours. My problem now is that I am married and I can’t rise at all. I have even tried to take drugs but they are not of any help. Could it be that I was bewitched. And if so, where can I get help?

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  1. Every issue has solution. That’s our area of specialisation. Text me for more details. 07039168557

  2. If u stick to your wife,all this would have not happen,you we reap what you sow ok, just tell your wife by Jehovah grace she can help to run the race for solution ok, and pray about the matter ooo ok,only Jehovah God that can help you ooooo.if Jehovah really help you whenever you see woman u we run oooooo😔😔☺️☺️☺️☺️😊😊👋👋👋👋👋I we put you in my prayers ok.

  3. Sorry please, but Whatsapp me on this number to solve your problem. Trust me you will regain. +256702987717.

    • The problem we men have is our man hood. Now it is happened no more shame call the woman explain to her she will may has d solution

  4. Kampamba Chilufya
    Kampamba Chilufya

    Pray HARD bro for the Bible says”The wages of sin is DEATH”.

  5. Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to become saved from ur wretched sinful life. God still loves u and doesn’t want u in hell where Satan is.

  6. I wish you remain like that for the rest of your life you he goat.

  7. Nasasiira Muzafaru
    Nasasiira Muzafaru

    Just tap me on 0789032704

  8. Ask God for forgiveness from the deep heart of yours and you shall heale

  9. Pls talk to your secretary she could be holding the key to your problem even if it means paying her some more money. She knows something she can help you and also tell God about the mistake u committed He is just and more than ready to help youand forgive you but don’t tell your wife that was a secret sin.

  10. Reach me on my whatsapp number 09139351629 seeing is believing

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