I Slept With a Mad Woman Because Of My Quest For Fast Momey and This Is What Happens

I was on my own, surfing the internet and checking my facebook timeline when I received a strange friend request from an unknown guy, dressed like a native doctor in his display picture, but was carrying a laptop.

Out of my curiosity, I started asking him who he was, and where he was chatting from, to my greatest surprise, he told me he was a native doctor, he does charms for young guys to make money fast, and he doesn’t collect payment until the charm starts working and bringing money.

In my quest to get rich fast, I was so excited and I dived into the idea, I was already imagining the kind of cars and houses I would buy immediately I start making the money.

At first he told me that he’s going to call me and we will make some prayers together, after which I’ll meet someone online who will send me 100 thousand naira. I was so happy, I sent my mobile number to him and he called, after speaking some things I didn’t understand, he ended the call. After 20 minutes a friend request from a pretty lady dropped on my facebook page and I accepted, we started chatting, along the line she asked for my account details which I gave to her, within 3 minutes I received alert of #100,000.

I quickly called the native doctor and gave my testimony, he told me that I can be receiving 1million naira everyday if I can perform a little task, out of excitement, I told him I can do anything.

He called me and said once he drops the call I will receive a text which will explain my task. He ended the call after some encantation, and I received a text message to sleep with a mad woman in order to start receiving 1m naira in my account everyday.

At this point I knew I was already in for serious ritual, my heart started failing me, I was already sweating like Christmas goat, but I remembered the 100,000 and summoned up courage to perform the task.

I started looking for a mad woman, I didn’t see clean one, they were all irritating, I came close to one at night, she nearly broke my head, all my efforts didn’t work that night.

The next day I received a text that I have 24hrs to complete my task or I go mad. Fear gripped my heart, I started sweating and thinking of a way to win the heart of a mad woman.

I bought bread and drinks in the evening and went to give the mad woman, as I presented the bread, she smiled at me, I was happy, she was alone in an uncompleted building, so I gave her the bread and sprite, she ate and drank the sprite and she was happy and smile at me, I smiled at her and touched her, she laughed and fell on the ground, I unzipped immediately and laid on her, she held me close, while I was performing my task, another mad man came in and started shouting, meanwhile the instruction was that no body must see me while sleeping with the mad woman, else I’ll perform the task 10 times, once each day or I go mad.

I know I’m finished, but I don’t know how finished I am, I’m confused right. My quest to get rich fast has landed me into trouble, what do I do now?

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