I Slept With My Blood Brother 4 Times During the Lockdown Just to Help Him But I Am Now 3 Weeks Pregnant

I slept with my brother during Lockdown

See what lockdown has caused me now as I am 3-weeks pregnant for my blood brother amidst the novel coronavirus. It all started when my brother came home and saw me naked but he didn’t say a word. Some days before the lockdown he was very sad and I asked him what happened but reluctantly answered me that he was jilted by his girlfriend and I felt sorry for him and 4days later the President announced a lockdown order for all citizens.

And then one faithful morning he came into my room with his manhood so hard and I couldn’t resist him then I asked him to come and put that thing inside me but he refuses, instead, he came we had fun with each other and that was how my blood brother and I started sleeping with each other, so we had slept with each other for about four times and not so long after the lockdown was lifted, I started feeling strange so I had to visit a nearby hospital to do some medical check-up and then I was told I am 3-weeks pregnant.

At first, I didn’t believe because I only slept with my brother during the past 3-weeks of lockdown but then I went to another hospital just to clarify what I was told and to my greatest surprise another result of the test came out to be positive that I am pregnant for 3-weeks and I was totally shocked because I don’t what my parent will say about this and how I am going to tell my blood brother that I am 3-weeks pregnant for him.

This whole thing started because of me and because I wanted to comfort my blood brother who has been jilted by his girlfriend and I want to make him relieved from the heartbreak and not knowing that I will later get pregnant for him and right now I am confused because I don’t know what to do and how to go about this.

Please, what can you say to this issue on ground? Is this lady really trying to help her brother? What do you think the lady should do about her pregnancy? Please drop your comments.

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