I Slept With My Two Cousins Because I Want to Know the Repercussion

I slept with my cousins

A 23 years old lady, Samantha Ejiro, from Benin in Edo State, Nigeria had confessed that she intentionally drugged two of her cousins who are staying with them in order to sleep with the boys.

The two brothers are from Ambrose Alli University, the elder brother bears Williams while the younger brother is named Julius.

Samantha claimed she planned all this to work out because she wants to know the repercussions when family members sleep with each other.

This lockdown period gave her an opportunity to carry out her ordeal successfully without any hindrance.

Samantha, after taking her bath on Sunday morning, she dressed up and went to buy cóñdom. When she returned, she went to Williams’s room pretending she had a message to deliver to him. She seduced and slept with him.

On the following day, she repeated her trick with Julius and wrote all that happened between her and her cousins in her dairy.
A week after, her younger sister, Esosa saw and read the diary, she found out what happened between her sister and her cousins, she then reported to their mother.

All Esosa could say was “I don’t see anything bad in what I did, I did it to know the repercussion when family members sleep with each other.”

What do you have to says about this her stupid act.?


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