I Sold My Two Phones Just to Buy Christmas Clothes For My Girlfriend – Man Laments

According to the report we got from the guy, read what he said below;

I’m 23 years old and my name is Sunday Ogungbemi. I sold my two phones just because my girlfriend asked me for her christmas and new year cloth.

I’m living in Osun state and few days before christmas my girlfriend threatened me that she is going to breakup with me if I didn’t buy christmas cloth for her.

The statement left me with no choice than to sell my two phones in order to provide my girlfriend’s needs. After the hard decision was made by me, I now do beg my friends just to put my sim card in there phones anytime I want to call his my or relatives.

What do you think about this? Is this really a true love or the guy is just gullible?

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One comment

  1. A girlfriend should not love you because of material things , not even money that is not true love . When in love , you don’t see the negative part of it but the positive and love endures

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