I Stole Because My Five Months Old Baby Was Dying Of Hunger Due to the Lockdown – Lady Says

I stole because of my baby

Miss Christiana, A widow caught stealing milk from a shop at the New Nyanya area of Nasarawa state, Nigeria has said she stole because her five months old baby was dying of hunger.

Christiana who stole in a shop located along Masaka road was about to be lynched by a group of mob when a woman appealed to them for the sake of her baby she was carrying at her back to set her free while she paid the sum of N1000 being the price of milk she was accused to have stolen.

Christiana while weeping when been interrogated by a group of people, who rounded her up, said she is a nursing baby while her five months old baby has not eaten for over two days because she had no money to buy milk.

She confessed to having been cash trapped because the lockdown made it impossible for her to go out and do a house help job she earns money for a living.

She, however, said she was forced to come to the shop and took a can of milk without the consent of the shop owner because she was so desperate to save her baby from dying. Mr. Peter Okpe, one of the persons who were sympathetic to Christiana’s story, gave her the sum N10k WAR learned.

WAR reporter who was at the scene and witnessed the incident approached Mr. Okpe, who said he felt pity for Christiana and knows she needs help at this critical period of coronavirus lockdown.

Mr. Joseph who condemned Christiana for stealing frowned at the lockdown approach adopted by the government as a way of containing the coronavirus. Pointing at the difficulty residents go through because of the lockdown, Joseph said many families are going through hell because of the lockdown.

He, however, appealed to the Nasarawa state government to relax the lockdown, pointing out that hunger is killing many households.

Another witness who identified herself as Rose, who felt sympathetic after listening to Christiana’s story, bought three cans of milk for her baby while she also gave her N3,000 for the baby’s upkeep.

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