I Tear My Son’s Electrical Engineering Degree Certificate Cause He Failed to Repair a Faulty Fan – Mother Reveals

I tear my Son's certificate cause he can't repair fan

Every parent has their own way of grooming up their child. Some parents are hard and on the other hand, some choose to treat their child with utmost care fulfilling all their needs and demands.

But this lockdown period has made a lot of parent frustrated. How will they deal with watching their children playing video games all day has changed their love into anger.

In this scorching heated day, when things are hard due to the coronavirus pandemic, a family of an electrical engineer had a fault in their fan. The mother been helpless, asked her son who was busy playing a mobile game to have a check on the fan, to find out what went wrong. The Son angrily got up and looked at it.

After looking at the fan for several hours he failed to find out where the fault lies and he surrendered. This made his mother furious.

She angrily stomped in her son’s room and got a hold of his son’s degree. She tore his degree into pieces and threw it away. The father and son cried and mourned for hours but the mother didn’t give a damn.

What do you think about this? Is this a good thing a good parent should do to her own son? Drop your comments.

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