I Told My Best Friend to Test My Boyfriend Maybe He Loves Me But They Are Now Happily Married With Two Kids

A Nigerian lady on twitter has revealed how she lost her former boyfriend to her friend after setting him up with her. The lady identified as Pearl said five years ago, she told her friend to test how much her boyfriend loves her and they cooked up a plan.

Anita, as she named the friend saw, tasted, and never left the man. The young entrepreneur revealed how deeply hurt she was and hope God won’t forgive her friend for usurping her. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

“5 years ago I had asked my friend to test my boyfriend to see how much he loves me _Today they are happily married with 2 kids. Anita God won’t forgive you for me !”

Here is the tweet below;

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  1. Adebayo Wellington
    Adebayo Wellington

    Foolishness of the highest order. You just paid for the mistake of your life. How can you use a cat to protect a fried meat from being stolen mumu

    • She don see waiting she wants

    • Fool of the century is what you are! You never loved the guy that was why you put up that idiotic act. The man was never yours keep searching for your own. Hope you have learn your lesson?

    • She tested the man and got results then why complaining,the message is that the man was not meant for you but friend,so the only way those two guys could reach to each other was through you, it’s not by chance but that is how it was planned Even before you met the guy,if he was meant for you believe me no one can get him from you no matter how beautiful one can be, sorry yours is coming and forget about what happened.thats Life,your were just a conduit in this all thing.

  2. Nigeria We Hail Thee
    Nigeria We Hail Thee

    Mumu indeed.

  3. It’s a pity!

  4. Wicked man and friend

  5. No one can curse whom God has blessed. Anita has been blessed with a loving husband and bouncing babies.
    Your foolishness cost you big time. Learn your lesson and move on!

  6. Akinyemi A Edward.
    Akinyemi A Edward.

    Until you forgive her and your ex boyfriend you may not be able to faith it up that, that unexpected happened because both of you were not destined to be husband and wife in the first place. So forgive them both and ask God to give you divinely ordained husband of yours who fears God and loves Him, whom you will love and enjoy life together and God will respond positively to your request. Brace yourself up to receive Jesus Christ and change your garment to befit daughter of God’s Kingdom and He will give you a son of the Kingdom. It is well with your soul, in Jesus’s name, amen.

    • That’s is foolishness my dear friend how can you take such risk someone that doesn’t relate with you not even relation no nah don her 🤦👏👍😍🤗

    • Ur friend and her husband are destined to be husband and wife ,am sure it’s a blessing to you ,you are still alive have faith in God

  7. I don’t think God will punish her because you did not love and trust your man and she knew that and out of pity had to take your place. Sorry try next door.

  8. Your mumu reach deep…dey you have another boyfriend now.. call up another friend of yours to taste him for you.. not test oh.but taste.. name she help you see if the thing dey sweet… mtchewwww

  9. Forgive them both and move on
    Pray for the will of God be done in your life

  10. Ndi apari

  11. U be MUMU dat man no be ur own continue searching

  12. Imbecile 😷😷

  13. I’m so sorry for what happened in the first place.Forgive both of them and yourself.The guy was not meant for you.Pray to God to give you the right man

  14. Sorry for that but next time don’t repeat the same mistake.

  15. You just pushed your friend into her destiny stop placing course on both of them, they destined for each other pray for yours and congratulate them. God bless you.

  16. Ladies be worned not to be putting your lovers on unnecessary tests.

  17. You did not trust in yourself that is why you don’t trust your husband to be yeye woman .

  18. God will not do her anything. God is already dealing with you. Congrats

  19. Anything you do, do for love.

  20. My dear,Moses led the children of Israel to the promise land but didn’t enter the same land, God uses you to lead your friend to her husband, that’s the truth,be prayerful your husband is somewhere waiting for you.

  21. God will continue to bless ur friend and ur former boyfriend’s family in Jesus name I pray, amen.

  22. You must get to the maturity for understanding that God sometimes uses us to bless other. You are just a channel through whom your best friend found her soulmate. I bet u that both u and the guy won’t have ended in marriage. The man no be your own.

  23. God used u as a blessing to ur friend, the same way he used u to bless ur friend, is the same way he will also use others to bless u. So keep trusting.
    May God be with you through this trying times.

  24. Jesus is the best Friend that can never cheat you nor betray your trust. Turn to Him now for mercy and grace.

  25. U did a terrible mistake u yourself never ever repeat it again hw perfect a u to put
    someone to test

  26. My dear, put yourself together and move on with your life. Any thing that happened in life, God has a purpose for that

  27. We are always tempted but not knowing we are not Jesus, fall be like rain for Bayelsa everyday I go fall

  28. Ojoro people dem, when spoil boy KingVandy go use 1 complete month to think then post, not even a half comment, but now see this nonsense..Ojoro County Nigeria

  29. The man was not meant to be yours. Dont cry over a closed door. Yours has opened up but you are taking too look to look it up. Wish you well my sister and soon you gonna get your own babies.

  30. You wait she is still tasting him

  31. I dey mad…. Dem dey send monkey go buy banana.
    I don’t trust any being on earth to such extend.
    Babes you fuck up big time chai pele….. Take heart ehmmm.

  32. Its a big lie,its karma that got you,first and foremost, you never like the guy,you just wanted to chop him and leave,or you weren’t serious with the relationship, secondly,you yourself are a cheat,cos if you are not you won’t want to do such thing,but God saw the heart of the guy that it was clean to you,but you where to greedy,and ladies like you don’t deserve such man,that’s why you where purnished.I f am the guy I will do the same thing to any woman that do such thing to me

  33. The Lord is good,all the time
    And all the time, the Lord is good

  34. You took a great risk by sending your friend to test whether your boyfriend loved you very much. What did you except from her-to refuse your boyfriend if he made advances to her, or to only do once and leave her for you? Do you think that your boyfriend would be happy with you by sending your friend to tempt him. Of course he married her to prove to you that he’s not pleased with you. And he won’t naturally feel comfortable that you didn’t trust him. And don’t forget that your best friend would have told him the ploy. Well, I encourage you to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. He’s the only friend that can’t fail you. And know that you are under obligation to forgive you’d friend, whether you like it or not. Because if you forgive her not, your heavenly Father will not forgive you your trespass. Trust God to bless you with a God fearing husband.

    • Good advice Reveland. I wish she listens. God bless you all
      Good advice Reveland. I wish she listens. God bless you all

      Good advice Reveland.
      I wish she listens.
      Just forgive them and then God will start on you

  35. A lesson to every lady who reads this! Never test a man with women just as you can not test a monkey with bananas 🍌 forgive her and move on

  36. Stop posting rubbish here good for you

  37. Forgive both of them and trust God for your own, but next time don’t do such idiotic test again

  38. You got what you wanted

    • Two issues Here.
      1-A goat 🐐 next is Lion 🦁
      2-Potato Vines and a goat 🐐
      So, it’s Just a lesson enough.
      Who even knows he wasn’t meant for you!

  39. Never trust a friend how close you are,bcoz one day your secret or ploy will be expose.So,your secret is your secret.Forgive and move ahead…

  40. We should try not to learn from experience, because experience is a bad teacher.

  41. Yeah that’s the proved u have gotten your answers when a researcher went to often data the reasearcher will surely often the data if he/she applied sample method u have now gotten ur answers now clearly known that he was a prettender why are u trying to course ur friend be warn if not that course is returning back to u

  42. Mumu like you, you can only fool yourself who are you now need to blame? Abeg go and sit down

  43. If the man eventually fail the test, it means he doesn’t love you then you will break up with him. Therefore, the man has failed the test already and the next action has already taken up without stressing you.
    You should be very happy lady, and move on with your alternative plan if he fails.

  44. Good advice Reveland. I wish she listens. God bless you all
    Good advice Reveland. I wish she listens. God bless you all

    Just forgive them and then God will start on you

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