I Truly Love Her But My Best Friend Snatched Her From Me

Sexy girl

According to the message I received about two days ago via my mail, A man known as Mr. Azindo claimed he is confused and doesn’t know what to do. He needs advice from you all. What do you think this man can do?

According to his mail, he said;

Hello, I am so much in love with someone but I can’t tell her because my best friend is already dating her and they are much in love with each other. I think alot about this girl and I really wish to marry her and stay with her forever.

But because my best friend is already dating her, I want to forget about her. But it is difficult for me to forget about her. Please I need your help.


Hamza azindo

Please what advice do you have for this man? he’s truly inlove with the girl and he is unable to forget about her.

Drop your comments below and let’s see what this man can do to this issue on ground.

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