I Visited My Husband’s Village For the First Time and This Is What I Found Out

I have been married to my husband for 6 years now and our marriage is blessed with a beautiful girl. We look like a perfect couple or so I thought until I visited his village.

When I met my husband before we got married, he was job hunting but with my connections, he was offered a well paid job with an official car and apartment. We didn’t date for long before we got married.

I never knew my husband could keep any secret away from me, he was a perfect gentleman any lady could fall for him. He was loving, caring and God fearing, he was just everything I needed in a man but never liked it when I talk about visiting his village. He even threatened to leave the marriage if the issue of going to his village was ever mentioned again.

Although he told me that his parents were dead and that he doesn’t have any other relation living, I always have this feeling that something is fishy somewhere.

In order to confirm my suspicions, I secretly visited his village without informing him. It was difficult locating his compound as many villagers claimed they have not heard about his name. Then luck shined on me when a haggard looking lady recognized his face from the pictures I showed around, she claimed to be related to my husband and took me to their house.

When we got to the house, two teenage boys came out to welcome us but I was shocked at the way they looked like my husband. My curiosity was heightened, so I started asking questions and the responses I got made my legs to become stiff. To say I was shocked is an understatement, the lady told me that the man I call my husband is married to her and that the kids are the product of their marriage.

She also told me that he calls and sends money to them periodically. Somehow I still doubted her but all the doubts cleared out when my husband called her in my presence and I recognized his voice. I quickly left the village for Lagos where we reside.

How can my perfect husband be this wicked after all I did for him? He kept his other wife and kids a secret from me for so many years.

The problem lies on the fact that I told my husband I went for a business trip out of town. How do I confront him with the secret from my visit to his village?

What do I tell my precious daughter happened to our lovely home?

Should I get a divorce immediately?

Please I am writing this story here to get people’s advise on the best decision to take concerning my husband and family, right now I am very confused and heartbroken but wouldn’t like to make any mistake.

What do you have to say about this? Kindly drop your comments.

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  1. I am a product of polygamy , thank your star that you seen a man who made you mother and your child have someone she will call a father.Do you know that most beautiful women end up not getting married not having an offspring or having a child which their father ran away (so called bastards_ a misnomer) because of theìr stupidity manage what comes to you. You are lucky your daughter have brothers

  2. Nothing wrong actually, it’s only that you want to create scene where there’s none. He didn’t send you away you want to send yourself away. Stay with him as long as you don’t have any issue. Keep your mind away from the former things and make yourself happy in your home.

  3. Dear woman the early the best for you,if the woman you met in his village has ever told you that the man whom you claim to be your husband has ever in this life pay her bride price,Then the man IS NOT your HUSBAND.he should take care of his doughter And GOD WILL GIVE you, your own husband.

  4. If your husband and the lady you met in his village are legally married there is point wasting your time with him.

  5. You have made a mistake and this have ruined your happiness,why did you become FBI or Police detective nosing for what ordinarily shouldn’t have been your concern. You are not a wife because you are not submissive. You flout the instructions of your husband and now no more happiness in your home. Don’t make noise or even let him know what you have done if not it’s a very strong reason for divorce

  6. That husband is evil minded man. She should confront the stupid man in the presence of her family, else if she confronts him without the presence of people around, she might end up, a dead person.

  7. Vernumbe Mnena Benedicta
    Vernumbe Mnena Benedicta

    Thank ur stars that u found out his home. Because that man can easily runaway anytime leaving u with no tress. Let him know about ur findings and then watchout for his reaction before conclusion.

  8. Confront your husband in a good way and accept being in a polygamy and to mind your business. Your hasband loved his both family he didn’t want to defect both, let your hasband be open to you and make your daughter and the family you found that they are family, in future you can found that those children are helpful to your daughter

  9. Sharon Lizzy Jaybest
    Sharon Lizzy Jaybest

    My dear sort it out in a good way.
    Don’t allow your feelings get you do something nasty or stupid.

  10. You should pray for yourself and your daugther

  11. To err is human and to forgive is divine.Remember you committed no sin by getting the truth.The worst thing is living a lie/in pretence.Tell the truth and shame the devil.Be prepared to forgive, forget and move on.

  12. You are not alone my sister. Many women and men have passed through the same situation. If you divorce this man, you will be like him because you are likely to get multiple husbands because most men don’t like women who were previously married. Please forgive, forget and move on. Your daughter needs a real father and those her brothers not pseudo father. Let him know that he made a mistake and you have forgiven him. You are going to enjoy your marriage because it is a litmus for love. Cheers and blessings!

  13. Confirming your suspicious is better than staying in the dark just approach him about this Matter but indirectly and see if he can tell you anything or not .lf he doesn’t tell you anything it’s up to just know honesty and loyalty it’s what matters in a relationship.And one day he can leave you and go and remarry again without telling you it’s up to you dear

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