I Waited 2 Years For My Wife to Finish School Before Sleeping With Her Only to Find Out This

This article is about a man who waited for his wife to finish her schooling before he sleep with her. Only for him to findout that she had gotten pregnant for somebody else’s in school and wanted him to hide it from her parents. Read the story below and help him decide what to do;

On the day I paid the bride-price for my wife, she begged me, in the presence of all the 12 Elders that were around that fateful day, to allow her to finish her A-level education before we could wedlock, of which I accepted her request because the Elders intervened in the matter. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Now, we just got married. We went for our honeymoon at Yakari in Bauchi State, Nigeria. She asked me ” Are you still a Virgin? ( I had never slept with her, even while we’re in Yakari, I don’t know the colour of her pants).

I told her “By the grace of God I am” and I kept myself not only because of you but for the fear of God and STD. She then told me that she has a secret to tell me, but, I must swear to keep it a secret. I looked at her and I told her, I ‘ll try not to mention it to anybody. I will try it.

She then told me that, she has a six-month-old baby with one of her course-mates at Uni Maid” and she wanted me to cover her.

It was then that I noticed her bra was wet because milk was coming out of her breast. I asked her, how? cover you how? she uses the allowance that I do send for her feeding to take care of the baby.

When I asked her whether her parents were aware of her situation, she said no. I just told her that, I can’t keep this kind of a secret! I have never sleep with you up to date, do you want me to claim somebody’s Child? I am so sorry I can’t. That was when she slapped me and ran out.

When I was invited by her family, they were not aware of this side of their daughter’s story. My wife was not at home, she ran away a day before I arrived at her family house.

I have not tell her family what happened because they sent me out of their house by beating me.

This is what happened to me people. What should I do? Please advice me.

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  1. The best thing is to withdraw your bride price if you so wishes and get on with your live. Thank you have not had anything with her. May God see you through

  2. The only thing that m telling the gentleman is to agree with that lady to negotiate with schoolmate that give her pregnant to pay all Expenses and remain with the lady you can’t married such women

  3. U don’t do that with modern girl’s, just feel free n forget all u have contributed to her life

  4. I want to advise you the fact you have kept your self alway from you have every right to seek for all the money you spend on her and my dear never you cover up such thing ,and move on your life remain blessed

  5. Please just withdraw your bride price and move on with your life.. that woman is’nt maind for you.. the Lord is your strength brother.

  6. Let them know that you paid bride price for their daughter and that it should be returned back because of the unfaithfulness of their daughter.

  7. Just 4get about her and move on with yo life, God will punish her in his own way,

  8. She is not your wife. If what you said is exactly what happened. She is not worthy to be a wife . you better request your money back from the family .the bride price. (My advice for young men. Never train a woman your not married to. You can get married bear children and then send her to school. Or schooling and bearing children. Boys get this to your inner brain.)

  9. Dont worry yourself “a girl like texy in city when you lose one you can get one another.

  10. Call the 12 Elders and both families and inform them what happened and disengaged with her

  11. My advice is . Withdraw your Bride price after summoning the parents in the presence of those elders giving them no room for any blackmail

  12. Sue the girl and her parents and raise charges against them for fraudulent act, 419.

  13. All you have to do, is to collect the bride price you paid on head. And continue with your life. There good women over there.

  14. Kindly withraw your money & carryon God will bless u with a devine soulmate acordinly,she n her family will be punished bcos i think they are but aware of d scam if not why must they beat u at first?

  15. D decision is still urs: it’s either u forgive & go ahead wt her if u know u still love her or ask for ur money back as u may not trust her faithfulness in future

  16. Bro! Let me tell this is a planned game and they’ve play it on u.
    so the best thing to do now is to comfort her family and that so called 24 elders of hers but doing that you get in inform your family/kins’man. God will see u through. Or
    reach me on 08082182072 for more dominion’s word

  17. God has already started exposing all her evil heart and doing…pls run away from such a woman that is so secret to her own family members eyhaa eyhoo be careful my dear

  18. From your post, you already know that she has been pregnant with someone else my question why do you continue with the relationship to the extent that you do weddings with her wasting money.

  19. You are a foolish people scam kill urself

  20. Am sorry u have been a fool from the beginning by sending money n training a woman u are not married to with d hope to marry her.What if she had gone with another man.Never sponser a damsel in school waiting to marry her u may help but if d later end is to marry her u are at risk.thank u

  21. Just withdraw urself from her and call the 24 elders and for ur dowery u paid on her head and don’t ever think of coming back to her,cuz ubr not meant to be,bcuz if she loves u,like ur story,she would have kept her virginity for u,just to prove her love to u as u did urs to her. Just pray to God to grant u ur heart desire

  22. Even though you are deaf and dumb, you know what to do? You will train more than 10 people’s children. Good in law in Christ. If na them give you job or open door for you, time to run.

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