I Want to Kill My Mother So That I Can Marry My Dad, I Love My Dad So Much and I See Him As My Future Husband

I am a lady of 26 years and I live with my parents in a city. I am the only child of my parents. My dad is a business man, who stays at home to run his business and my mum on the other hand, would sometimes, leave early for work and come back late at night, leaving me alone with my dad in the house.

The problem is that, I have a strong feeling for my dad. I started seeing my dad as my future husband when I was in my adolescent age because, the love I have for him overwhelmed me that I couldn’t get over it. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

The love my dad shows to me is more than the love a father could give to his daughter. But, I must say that, I can’t take his love for me as a father’s love to his daughter, because he shows me more love to be considered as such.

Indeed, he has stolen my heart. He is a real man, physically strong, handsome, has a charming body, money and everything that a woman wants in a man.

However, my dad also love me the way I do, because if not so, he wouldn’t have been sleeping with me on the same couch from when I was little till my 18 years of age that I entered the university. He wouldn’t also have been calling me his first lady, saying ‘ I love you’ to me always and treating me as if I were his wife. Maybe, he doesn’t know how to confess his love to me because of what my mum might do.

As it stands now, I think that my dad wants me as his wife, but the obstacle is my mum. Please help me, what should I do? I want to kill my mum to marry my dad. I really love him so much.

Please advice me, what should I do? Kindly drop your comments below.

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  1. So bad how dare you want to kill your mother for such an evil deed,so foolish asked God for forgiveness and forget about it.

    • Urhobocha Emmanuel
      Urhobocha Emmanuel

      Your dad love you as a father love his daughter. Don’t imagine anything more than that my darling daughter it happens. You will grow over it I assure you

    • Ithink you are being posesd with evil spirit,just confess to your mother am sure she will assit you.

  2. You’re wrong Sweetheart please don’t give Devil a sit in your Heart. Just after killing your Mother you will start regret not until you die. Two types of sins you’ll commit 1. Kill 2. Sleep with Father.

  3. Change your evil thinking . there are very many men get some one to love not you’re dad respect him like dad not husband.

  4. Dearest, your father loves you only as a daughter and as only child he has why do you think he will ever keep anything away from you? off course not. He tells you he loves you and cares for you is not the husband and wife thing but father and daughter thing so don’t get it wrong. Look outside and find yourself a husband. Do not have sex with your father and do not harm your mother please! These acts are abomination and if you do them, you will live to regret it all your life. Lastly my dearest ask Jesus to help you in your prayer.. God bless you.

  5. i feel so sorry for u
    i feel so sorry for u

    I feel so pity for u because u dont no what u are saying

  6. God still loves you and don’t do that please , pray and ask him to help you out

    • Indeed I tell you just think the love that God had for us all and forget about the love of flesh and humanity that can bring death among some people.If we apply the love of spirit, then God will show us the real love when it comes to reach of time to get marriage and how to choose and love couple. It’s not good for a daughter to get married to the father because it’s a vonication because God will not be happy. Again it’s good for us to put effort by reading the bible than other world books cause the bible itself teaches us to know God and Jesus whom he sent. The devil need to depart God’s people to the way of hell and to forget the truth that is in our God of most high.Otherwise let’s all pray so that God will forgive us all our sins which we commit day by day and welcome the hollysprit to abide us and lead us home, Jerusalem which God has prepared for his people God bless you all.

  7. Amadi uche ogbonnia
    Amadi uche ogbonnia

    Hi sweetie done allow the devil to use u to commit such an abomination,one nature will be against you and the creator pls sweet heart say know to the devil the Bible says resist the devil and he will flee from you so dear resist him now and ask the lord to take control of your life have a nice day

  8. Pls baby girl, you’re thinking too far from ur father’s thinking. Ur father has father and daughter’s love not that which you’re nursing. Just drop that ur thought pls before you commit Abomination. Satan is punching you. May God deliver you, amen 🙏

  9. Sister honour your mother and father first for you to be happy on earth

  10. Please, let your mom be. You should not forget that she kept you in her womb for good 9 months. I strongly advise you to leave and respect the path of your mom be it’s her destiny otherwise you will be cursed for ever.

  11. aman𝐲𝐢𝒓𝒆

    Ur old y don’t u leave ur parents house

  12. Sweetheart you have done well to love your father. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. You only need some counseling on how to proceed. Now you are currently a victim of a strange communication from an alien spirit. But you got to come off that. Kill your mother and all your father’s love for you will effervesce like a balloon gas and turn to hate. Hey dear you can do better. At 26 you are of age. I recommend a mature man of God to counsel you. He will help raise love for you on the counseling and you will come on a right course. I love your courage. The Lord help you speedily and always. Amen.

  13. Stop being foolish. You are still young n beautiful you can find yourself a husband and not your dad. Don’t give room for the devil to destroy your lovely home. This is an abomination, gal. Glee away from thus!!

  14. Susan kivaisusan@gmail.com
    Susan kivaisusan@gmail.com

    May the holy spirit of God help you out of the devil’s trap,you need Jesus to get a different reasoning.this is an abomination girl .if daddy is handsome you are equally beautiful you can get your man.Get our of your parents house look for your life

  15. Christopher Oluwstosin
    Christopher Oluwstosin

    Thank you for loving your father but don’t attempt to terminate your mother’s life in other to marry your father because your mother is in her rightful place, therefore look forward for your husband and marry immediately.Because if you kill your mother is a curse that will be generating in your family don’t try it.Finally give your life to Jesus Christ and it shall be well with you.

  16. I case you are out of your mind. Don’t even think about it again. Forget and go get a young man of you choice out there. There are soooo many

  17. Don’t do that. It sounds stupid, are you jealous of your Mom. She brought you to this earth and make sure u are what you are now, a girl of 19 years. I don’t think she deserves to be killed by her on daughter she carried for nine months in her womb. I believe youthful exobirance is your problem crown with infatuated baby father affection please. Do not be blind folded by devil to do what is obnoxious. Mothers are so precious without duplicate 💞.
    Be wise while you think positively.

    I love my mom it’s my obeisance. Bye

  18. My dear eternity is so near and you have put your mind in bondage of sin.You need your father and you need your mother for you to leave happily.Come back to your senses and be released from from that demonic mind.Finally doing that my dear is selling your soul to the devil, remember that Jesus loves you and needs you now.Think about where you shall live your eternity instead of thinking of that evil thing that shall make you to live a miserable life forever.May the Lord have mercy upon you.

  19. My dear pls this your thought alone is taboo please don’t create a generational course that can not be cleanse by any possibility .look out there ,

    There are men out there that are many,men rthat will love you more than ur dad

  20. If you marry your father your child will call him father then who will you call father

  21. Please find out, are is biological child?

  22. Ithink you are being posesd with evil spirit,just confess to your mother am sure she will assit you.

  23. Please run away from this incestuous relationship, keep away from home and get associated with guys of your age, you will soon find love even stronger enough than that of your Dad. I think you’ve stayed long enough with your father and became blown away. You will soon find out it’s more fun to have a boyfriend that you can proudly show off and not get embarrassed.

  24. Are you mad or crazy???

  25. This world is soon coming to and end
    How dare you get feelings for ur dad! And to make matters worse u plan to kill ur mum…OMG
    This devil that is lying to u is the original version of rucifer better go and confess ur sins

  26. My dear loves your father as the only gift he has, But not in that way!. Now you are mature enough to have your own life partner mm!, whether at your work place, school, church, game center ect, and also be calm, show respect and love to others and be social as you can, and for that, you will meet your love. And I am single and there for you.

  27. Big sin,don't kill your mother and your father be your husband
    Big sin,don't kill your mother and your father be your husband

    So sad,don’t kill your mother ,to marry your father,a very big sin,you need prayers

  28. My sister, think twice before you do. The devil is ministering to you.I advice you not to obey the voice of the devil. Because anyone that kill by the sword will die by the sword. And whatever man’s plant, is what he will reap. So as not to reap double fold of it in future, keep off. God can give u a man better than your father. I also want you to know that such act is the act of demons being sent to this World by Satan to destroy the world spiritually. You are a child of God, not a demon.

  29. Ask God to forgive ,resist devil and he will flee from you.embark on 3days 6-6 fasting for deliverance

  30. Please my daughter your dad is like your God who bring you to this life for your mum if there is anyone else you need to pray for long life is your mom just try and get rid of the taught.

  31. My dear if are planing to do that, you are just westing your time,, do things that can change your life.. don’t you know that parents they show love to children? Stop thinking that..

  32. Remember you are nothing with out your mother, despite one thing you should know is that, after killing your mother equally your father will go and marry another elegant woman. he is so handsome and also he have enough money to react immediately.

    Finally, you will going to miss both of your parents. Think so hard before you do that and never ever think of doing such dirty game against your mother.

  33. My dear siz devil is a lier, don’t think of such stupid idea for the sake of fake love. U need a councilor ur dad is not your lover. We have so many gentleman in our country and very rich, look for your man not your mum’s man. I pitty you coz if you kill her you will regreat the rest of your life en your daughter will do you the same. Think twice I beg you.

  34. Please you need nothing but prayers, don’t think of killing your mom or marrying your dad. It is an abomination. Pray and ask God he will get you , your own man.

  35. You kill your mum thinking that you will marry your dad, you will rot in jail. So sober up and respect your parents and look for a young man of your age to pour that love to him

  36. This z the devil at work at it’s highest level.the family really needs God d intervention

  37. You really need deliverance cuz the devil have polluted your mind and has given such a terrible idea.

  38. I praise God, and commend you for speaking out.
    If you are your mum, and your daughter has this feeling, and you somehow got to know, what will be your counsel to your daughter?

    Let us pray: Merciful God, please visit this precious soul, and grant her a revelation that would make her understand true love, the vanity of life and the reality of eternity in Jesus name!

  39. It’s a pity, repent the kingdom of God is at hand, this is a demonic act. And remember Galatians 6 : 7 says whatever you sow you shall reap.
    You’ll suffer for it, God should have mercy on you for your evil thoughts and acts.

  40. I think before killing your Mom you better be strong enough and ask your father if he has that in his mind too because you May think he loves you to that extent but his mind is of the Father caring for his daughter. Read the Bible Amos 3 verse 3

  41. If you kill your mother to marry your father,,, your own child will kill you at birth stool. You would not even have a full view of the child before you are dead. It will be advisable for you to go out for your husband at there. I know your father equally committed abomination by sleeping with you, which he would face stiff judgement before God

  42. U are a daughter of Jezebel, go and kill you mum because u want to marry ur dad demons in human flesh

    • Please, since you think like that you are under cures,coz it’s written in Deoutronomy:27:20…. cursed is one who who has sexual relationship with aperent, there for repent my dia and accept to be washed with the blood of Jesus Christ be saved from that curs then God will give you a hasband, please God loves and that is God’s love in your perent and the devil is lying you that it’s sexual relationship, please it’s a lye of the devil COME OUT OF IT IN JESUS NAME

  43. You only need God to save and deliver you. Others are praying that they have there mother alive . Look for a man of God to pray for you.

  44. My dear daughter your mother and your father are people who will bless you.The moment you kill your mother your father will start to recall how he used to love your mother and she is now dead the love your father was giving you will start to be less you should now the love between a husband and wife is not the same as love of the daughter to a father am writing this to you as a beloved father gate sliver and your father will surport you ingating to marry the man you have chosen may Allah bless you and you become amoslem

  45. Plz don’t kill ur mom.. Continue to have s,, x withur dad. It is really healthy since he has no one to see. Ur mom is a nightrunner.she has stuffed her hubby for other. Enjoy

  46. Alademehin Olumide Daniel
    Alademehin Olumide Daniel

    Well… I congrats you that you shares your mind with people’s, if not you will surely regret what you want to do.. Kindly be asking for forgiveness for open your mouth and said you want to kill your mom

  47. It’s a a curse that will take you to hell my sister. Go to a counselor

  48. The saying goes,”anybody who has never moved will always praise his or her mother to be the best cook ”
    Stop thinking that your father is the best man to marry
    Move on you will find better men like us after all it is an act of immorality to marry your relative!

    What a Stupid young girl you are

  49. As others have advised already, do not proceed with your decision to kill your mum thinking your dad would marry u…… You will be surprised to see your dad remarrying someone else after the demise of his sweetheart (your mum)…. Both your mum and dad love u so much… being the only daughter in the house….. Find a boy to love, introduce him to your family and see the reaction of your dad…. He will love him too the way he does with u…. DO NOT KILL YOUR MUM…. YOUR DAD DOES NOT LOVE U FOR A WIFE BUT DAUGHTER…..

  50. Take my contact # and we should talk on WhatsApp. Here is:

    +27 81 397 5827

  51. You are useless how can you Mary your dad sure.think twice my sister and find your own man.

  52. Look dear many other persons have said it all. Find someone to talk to regularly, share your thoughts and feelings. Email me for better communication then milling your mom. If you actually need love, take time to chat and the true love will come. Leave the poor woman alone. Find your love

  53. Please don’t kill mumi because of that please we are here to marry you we still single. Don’t do it, mum is important to everyone.

  54. Don’t do that young girl, u need your mam in the same capacity u need your dad. Ask Almighty God to give you your own husband, remember your mam emanated from left rib of your dad…be mature now, u r 26 now, be grown up. Dad may jealousy want to ruin your future. Give the family the happiness it deserves.

  55. Kill her and marry your father, then start a long regretive lif. After 18 years to come your daughter will come KILL YOU TOO! and marry your own Father Too. That’s how it is. Like Mother like daughter.

  56. Turn to God and ask for forgiveness. What you are thinking and planning is evil. Don’t give the devil a room to destroy you.

  57. Talk after me and tell the devil is aliar and receive your deliverance in JESUS NAME

  58. Come baby come inbox me ,really lwill solve your ploblem so as to 4get the past an 4give your father 4his 100% love he have shown to you ,also having one child can be a big ploblem in familys

  59. Honestly people are being nice for nothing this what you are thinking is all rubbish ,in the first how did that taboo enter your thoughts u need serious deliverance are a real biological daughter or one of the bastards ,we do not accept such kind of ungodly and illcharacter to our generation thats an insult to humanity

  60. Ohh nooo stop doing that

  61. My lovely sister,
    That’s the worst thing you can ever do and will taunt the whole of your life even on your death bed… it would even make your life on earth cut Short.
    Your father does not love but is a wicked man.. May God have mercy on him.
    You have not seen better husbands. Ask God for the Grace to leave your father. Talk to your aunt about it if you do have him or someone close to you so You face your father and call it quits.
    The God of all grace shall give the best husband… And you will go with your head high.

  62. You and your dad are both idiot. Kill ur mum then you will know what it to lose a mum

  63. Too bad indeed you are possessed, why can’t search for your man outside? You went to school and even university and you mean you didn’t find one? You need spiritual cleansing…this abomination

  64. See a pastor for prayer and Dr for mental check up

  65. Don’t allow Satan to use u,because u don’t know what you are doing.

  66. MEN, parents marry off your daughters as soon as possible to avoid such devilish temptations. Seek knowledge of the limits and the laws sent down to mankind by the Almighty God concerning relationships and the best guidelines are in the Holy Quran.

  67. Patrick wobusobozi
    Patrick wobusobozi

    You r so educated that you r not supposed to think like that. That’s way he shared with you to the age of 18yrs but stopped because he saw you were old enough.

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