I Was Impregnated Three Times By My Aunt’s Dog In Nigeria – Girl Reveals

18 years old young lady was interviewed by Oyerepa FM concerning her life as a whole. To the surprise of all, she shared a very shocking experience she had when she left Ghana to live in Nigeria.

The Ghanaian girl identified as Angela Amewu said, when she left her home in Kumasi to live in Nigeria with her Aunt, life became very unbearable and hard for her because she had to undergo trials. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

She narrated how she was forced to sleep with her aunts husband almost everyday and at a point she was also forced to sleep with a dog. Along the line, she got pregnant three times and was made to abort all.

Angela further said she could not bear it any longer so she had to return back to Ghana. She sold satchet of water to make ends meet and put her life back in place.

The rate at which young girl are defiled is very unbearable and alarming. All paedophiles must be brought to face the law. I pray God grants to move on and forget about her past.

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  1. This experience was animalistic and devilish.what an Aunt and uncle.Am pretty sure the girl was made pregnant by the Uncle not by the 🐕.

  2. This atrocities it very unbearable, both the Aunt and her husband should answer to the law.

  3. Oyewusi boluwaji justice
    Oyewusi boluwaji justice

    The aunty and her stupid and freaking fucking useless husband should be eliminated straight away & immediately.


  5. It is not good incident
    I am sorry for u

  6. Some people are just decieving themselves. It’s only a man that can have sex with a dog. It’s a big lie for a woman to claim that she has sex with a dog. A dog can’t have erection on seeing a naked woman. Since this is highly impossible how then can sex occur. A dog has a very long penis when erected, the penis most times coil on the intestines of the female dog during sex, which makes them to last long during the act. People should stop lying.

    • Why would someone lie about that? They must have a way to do such. Even some with horses etc. It’s a shame. They’re not likely to own up to such if it’s a lie

    • You don’t have enough knowledge on dog-human sexual acts neither do you know the sexual biology between dogs. The male dog locking with the female, has nothing with the male organ COILING THE INTESTINES of the female. Fertilization does NOT take place in intenstines. READ FURTHER TO UNDERSTAND THE BIOLOGY OF DOGS. *HUMAN BEINGS, DO HAVE SEX WITH ANIMALS, INCLUDING DOGS*

      • Leave the issue of coiling alone, what I’m saying is that a dog’s penis can never erect when it’s with a naked woman. A dog is an animal and does not have human sense no matter the training.

  7. Comical indeed……be Human out there guys/men

  8. People are very wicked.I can’t imagine an aunt doing that to such a poor girl.Wonders shall never end . That devilish aunt and her husband should be brought to justice.

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