I Was Scared After Seeing This in My Husband’s Room On Our Wedding Night – Lady Laments

A lady lamented about what she saw in her husband room on there wedding night, According to her, this is whag happened;

I met a young man, who is very rich and I love the man very much, I love him more because of his money.

Though I grew up from poor family, my dad and mum are very poor so I vowed never to marry a poor man and suffer my unborn children just like my mum did.

After some months into our relationship, he proposed to me, and promised to marry me. And along the line, I became pregnant too. So he was happy about that.

We started preparing for our wedding, he was a very serious business man, so some times he tells me about his business and I advises him the little I can, and prays for him too.

So one night as our wedding was coming closer, he told me that we will be relocating to one of his newest mansions on our wedding night.

I become very happy and told him I would love to go and see it, but he said no, that everything is under control that I will not see it till our wedding night. I agreed with him, because I thought he has a good thought for me.

So after our wedding, on that night when everybody has go home, be drove me to that mansion and took me to the room and opened the room and asked me to come in.

Surprisingly, I saw beds made of snake, and I shouted and asked him what is the meaning of this type of bed, and he said is Normal thing that that is the way he wanted it to be.

I ran out of the bed room, and I summoned courage to go to other rooms, when i got there i still saw this kind of beds.

Fear griped me, I slept in the sitting room alone till morning, And the following morning, since that time my husband has been annoyed.

Please have you seen this type of bed before? Is Normal, am thinking of quitting my marriage because I can’t sleep there.

But I still love my husband, so what should I do?

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