I Went to My Ex Boyfriend’s Place Without Informing Him and This Happened When I Got There

A pretty Twitter user with the handle Mizel @ Hadhanr has narrated how she caught her cheating boyfriend on top of another lady, when she didn’t tell him she was coming.

The female Twitter user made it known to her followers, after remembering the sad experience she had with her cheating ex-boyfriend. She said she visited the man uninformed as she knew he was cheating on her and she wanted to catch him in the act.

So one day, she went to his house and meanwhile, while her ex boyfriend was cheating on her with another lady, he did not lock his door. As she got to his door, she opened the door easily as the door was not locked.

She entered inside his room and found her ex boyfriend and his girlfriend sleeping with each other on his bed. When her ex boyfriend saw her, he did not express any sign of been remorseful, instead, he told her not to just stand by the door and also telling her to enter inside the room.

However, some Twitter users reacted to this and this is what they got to say. See pictures below;

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