I Will Never Allow the Struggling Man to Suffer From An Act That Can Happen to Anyone, I’m Giving Him 50k to Repair His Car – Nigerian Man Says After Taxi Driver Hits His Fence

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A driver broke down in tears after a kind hearted man he bashed his fence gave him the sum if N50,000 to repair his car

Sharing on facebook, paul wrote;

“Let him go, I thank God the man is strong and alive, I will repair my fence myself.

If I can’t do this little and tender sacrifice for an accident victim, simply because he hits my fence, then God won’t have reason for placing my condition better than the man.”

“My Transformer and Electric fence was brought down this morning, i dont know where the Taxi Man was rushing to but my joy is that the driver is sound and was not hurt.

I will never allow the strugling man to suffer from an act that can happen to anyone”.

“I was a driver of Binta high school(Wale Adenuga)in lagos some yesr back before i started driving danfo and i realized there is no mistake in life except jut Accident.

And if if i was maltreated in some occasion that doe not mean i will pay back now.i appologised to him fornot raising enough money to give him to repair his tax but at that i have given him N50,000 to support and repair his car.”


Written by Olexhome

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