“I woke up by 2am and saw someone’s shadow removing clothes” – lady narrates experience with a man

A Nigerian lady identified simply has taken to a popular Facebook page to share the experience she had when she went to visit a man she was dating.

According to her, she went to the guy’s place on a Friday and at night, he tried to make advances at her, which she turned down.

While they were sleeping, she woke up by 2am because she felt cold, only for her to see someone’s shadow removing clothes.

After having a feel of her body, she discovered that the bed she lay on was soaked with urine, hence the reason she felt cold.

It was then that she realised that her host(the man), had bed wetted.

Not knowing she was awake, the guy went into the bathroom afterwards to bath and change his clothes.

See her full post below;

According to the lady, she picked her bag and ran the following morning.
She also didn’t pick up the guy’s calls ever since then, because she didn’t want him to know she was aware of what happened.

A lot of people have been reacting to her story and below are few of their comments;

Honestly, bed wetting is something that most people, even adults, are dealing with in secret.

It is an embarrassing situation that calls for urgent medical examination and assistance.

Do you think that this lady should have helped the man seek a solution to his problem?

Kindly drop your comments.
Or was she right to run away and never pick his call again?

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  1. Ojo Olawale Anthony
    Ojo Olawale Anthony

    She should have wait , and inform him of what she has discovered, and encouraged him, to find solution to that bed wetting,if at all he wants her to be with him in relationship.

  2. She could have possibly caused the guy to bed wet.she should find a way to ask the guy if he usually do that. You are in bed with someone who possibly don’t have capacity to control himself you been around can cause wetting.penny Don rise tired

  3. I have also come across this same thing as well, my girl bed wet also she similarly did same thing in my room😏

  4. The Truth is that this guy chopped this babe

  5. Steve is right, that’s what just cause the bedwetting

  6. John Ameh Ogwuche, please i want to give my own piece of advice to those people who are facing that can of problem if you following my advice you will defeat your enemies. If you are bedwet, it’s spirit be hind it and for you to over come it, it’s through prayer and fasting,I will tell you why it’s through prayer and fasting.in your dream just like you are in the toilet urinating but you are still on your bed, the enemy double your dream for you, some time a drop of urinating it will drop by then you know you want to bedwet. The prayer will make you to get out of that situation. If you want me to direct you in prayer call me through this phone number 07036307950, and will be giving you prayer points.

  7. This very shameful. The guy needs urgent medical attention

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